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Californians for Homeownership

Californians for Homeownership was founded in response to the California Legislature’s call for public interest organizations to fight local anti-housing policies on behalf of the millions of California residents who need access to more affordable housing. 

Champions of Home Impact Awards

The Champions of Home Impact Awards honor California REALTORS® who have made a significant impact on their communities through volunteer efforts. 

Housing Affordability Fund Program

HAF plays an active role in addressing the ongoing housing affordability challenges facing California.

Make A Donation to HAF
C.A.R. Disaster Relief

C.A.R. stands ready to assist REALTORS® who have been impacted by wildfires through its Disaster Relief Fund and NAR's REALTORS® Relief Foundation.

California Disaster Resources
Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships for California students planning to pursue a career in real estate.

Education Foundation

Grants for California REALTORS® and residents pursuing real estate education.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Find out more information on key diversity and inclusion programs and projects available.

Fair Housing Latino Professionals Network C.A.R. Women's Initiative
Young Professionals Network

New to the industry? YPN is a network to sharpen your skills, heighten your leadership, and connect with fellow REALTORS®.

Rising Star Award
Guide to Benefits

Download and share the official 2024 C.A.R. Member Benefits Guide.

NAR Member Discounts C.A.R. Insurance Products
For New Members

As a C.A.R. member you may have questions about your association and the industry. Find the answers here.

New Member FAQs Glossary Service Providers
Membership Dues and Value

C.A.R. provides tremendous member value through its innovative tools, services and education. Learn more about C.A.R. membership and dues and NAR membership and dues.

Consumer Ad Campaign

C.A.R.'s annual consumer advertising campaign creates awareness of the REALTOR® brand and demonstrates the many benefits of the consumer-REALTOR® relationship.

Smart Zone

Smart Zone provides tools and insights necessary to convey your unique value proposition, effectively market your services, keep your clients abreast of current real estate market trends and help you achieve success in a dynamic industry.

NAR Litigation

Explore the implications of the landmark Burnett v NAR antitrust lawsuit's outcome for REALTORS®, the industry, and your business.

2024 C.A.R. Officers

Meet the 2024 C.A.R. Leadership Team

C.A.R. Mission Statement

C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

Annual Report
C.A.R. Impact Report

The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is committed to bring you tools and information to help you succeed. Here are some of the innovative tools, services and education C.A.R. provided to help you achieve your professional goals.

Media Center

C.A.R.'s Media Center houses the Association's news releases, media guidelines, and logos.

News Releases

C.A.R. and its subsidiaries are currently recruiting for the following job opportunities.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Advertise With Us

Learn about advertising with C.A.R.

Customer Service

Looking for additional assistance? The Customer Contact Center is looking forward to serving you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Rosters & Directories

Need help finding the right person? Try searching through our various rosters & directories.


HAF Donors/Supporters

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Thanks to your generous support, we are able to advance programs that empower working families to realize their homeownership dreams. Discover how you can assist your clients in applying for closing cost assistance thru our Pathway to Homeownership Closing Cost Assistance Grant program. CLICK HERE


Become a part of C.A.R.'s HAF mission to enhance homeownership opportunities for underserved communities by making a direct donation to the program HERE!


We want to thank our 2023 donors for your continued support!



Southwest Riverside County AOR

$ 10,000.00

Richard Rosenthal Foundation

$ 5,000.00

Region 2

$ 2,500.00

Escrow Institute of California

$ 1,500.00

Fair Housing Council of Riverside

$ 1,500.00



Addora Beall

Don Faught

Michael Sibilia

Allen Okamoto

Douglas Goss

Michael Tessaro

Betty Taisch

East Valley AOR®

Pamela Pedego

California Desert AOR®

Frank Oti

Region 2

Carl San Miguel

James Britto

Rita Tayenaka

Christine Kutzkey

Jeanne Radsick

Sandra Miller

Christopher Duff

Jeff Barnett

Sara Sutachan

Christopher Little

Jesse Payne

Shauna Love

Chuck Linn

Judith Myers

Steve Goddard

Craig Ragg

Karl Lee

Tamara Suminski

David Kerr

Kathleen Hinman

Taunee English

David Tanner

Kathleen Oliver

Terry Ryan

David Walsh

Kenneth Neufeld

Todd Mendoza

Denise Welsh

Mark Dowling

Virginia Butler

Derek Leistra 

Michael Johnson

Wendy Furth



Leannah Hunt

PJ Johnsen

Leslie Manzone

San Luis Obispo Association of REALTORS®

Michele Manzone

Solano County Association of REALTORS®

Nevada County Association of REALTORS®

Teresa Dietrich



Aeysha Corio

Gayle Sutton

Richard Pisani

Ann Throckmorton

Jennifer Branchini

Ryan Hass

Arleen Hardenstein

Julie Dempsey

Sabrina Brown

Arlene Byerly

Lisa Faria

Sandy Stewart

Beena Khakhria

Lisa Fore

Shannon Witt

Bob Chapman

Lori Namazi

Stacey Woods

Brad Crawford

Margeley Bernal

Suzanne Menendez-Herbst

Brett Caviness

Marty Nash

Taffy Maurer

Chandy Andre

Melo-de Savage

Tammy LaSala

Christina Fu

Mike Fracisco

Teresa Molina

Christopher Barth

Mike Kelly

Therese Wunderlich

Cindy Diaz-Telly

Neeta Patel

Timothy Ambrose

Conejo Simi Moorpark AOR

Phil Jones

Tracey Esling

Damon Knox

Rachael Hand

Ujjal Singh

Evelyn Schultz

Renee Garner




A.B. Priceman

James Ezell

Nelson Carrillo

A.Irene Easter

Jan Farley

Nicolle Davis

Adam Rodell

Jan Hudson

Nikki Coppa

Adam Wilson

Janet Dorsey

Nila Alvidrez-Esposito

Adriana Orlando

Janet Palacio

Nina Dosanjh

Alain Carnero

Janine Nielsen

Novelette Witt

Alan Barbic

Jason Lopez

Pat Ziggy Zicarelli

Alcy Garcia

Jay Avirom

Patricia Bennett

Alexander Merino

Jeannie Anderson

Patricia Douglas

Alice McCain

Jeannie Gant

Patricia Knapp

Amberly Brown

Jeffery Phillips

Patricia Ortega

Anne Hansen

Jeffrey Jackson

Patricia Petralia

Anne Sullivan

Jeffrey Kahn

Patrick Edgett

Annette Graw

Jeffrey LaMont

Paula Swayne

Anthony Andaya

Jen Beehler

Pauline Lam

Barbara Clemons

Jennifer Higgins

Peter Bolane

Barbara J. Palmer

Jeremy Sine

Peter Fleming

Beth Flure

Jeremy Stanfield

Phoebe Landre

Bill Espinola

Jeri Becker

Phyllis Carmichael

Bill Moody

Jesse Brossa

Randy Turnquist

Billy Carter

Jesse Gibbs

Ranjeet Singh

Blaine Morris

Jessica Dunn

Renee Mello

Bob Hartman

Jill Furtado

Richard Peterson

Brad Vondrak

Jim Hamilton

Rick Smith

Brandon Joaquin

JJ Siquot

Rob Baldwin

Brenda Meyer

Joan Irish

Robert Leighton

Brian H-M Chen

Joan Jolly

Robert Stelzer

Brian Manson

Joanne Brown

Robin Dickson

Brian Raymond

Joanne Fraser

Robin DuFault

Bruce Engles

Jody Federigi

Ron Mintz

Bruce Werking

John Asdourian

Rosanna Garcia

Bryan Yeats

John Barrentine

Rosanne Howard

Caleb Gonzalez

John Hickey

RoseMarie McNair

Cami Pinsak

John Pinto

Roy Hodges

Candace Noel

John Torres

Ruth Hayles

Carol VanAusdal

John Winther

Ruth McNevin

Carylon Dopp

John Yasko

Ryan Alter

Cathlyne Scharetg

Jolaine Merrill

Sally Han

Cecil Griffin

Joseph Brown

Sally Motta

Charles Lech

Joseph Dosen

Salvador Armijo

Cherie Hunt

Josephine Taylor

Sam Calvano

Cheryl McFall

Joshua Cook

Samuel Drury

Chike Nweke

Joy Ramirez

Sandi Lanzarotta Chan

Christie Thomas

Joyce Endo

Sandi Pfister

Christopher Backer

Joyce Kristensson

Sandy Jamison

Claire Hickey

Judy Taylor

Sara Knadler

Colleen Badagliacco

Julie Kirack

Sarah Glavan

Colleen Trujillo

Kaitlin McCormies

Scott Newton

Connie Metcalf

Kama Burton

Sep Ebrahimi

Crystal DaCosta

Karah Shaw

Sereta Churchill

Crystal West

Karen Asay

Sharon Mancillas

Cynthia Palmer

Karen Kuit

Sharron Francis

Daniel Fredericks

Karen Nelson

Sheila Cunha

Daniel Hershkowitz

Karen Trolan

Sherry Dickhoff

Danielle Fontes

Katherine Frey

Shun Zhang

Darnella Aulani

Kathryn Burdett

Sondra Weber

Dave Konesky

Kelvin Wong

Staci Braga

David Cantwell

Kevin Stern

Stephanie Taylor

David Garrett

Kilinoe Rahbeck

Stephen Burchard

David Parry

Kimberly Di Benedetto

Stephen Flach

David Schubb

Larry Black

Stephenie Zinn

Debbie Newton

Larry Spiteri

Steve Marvin

Debbie Olson

Laura Greene

Steve Medeiros

Debi Mackey

Laura Willman

Steven Fraioli

Deborah Mason

Laurie MacDonald

Steven Huang

Derik Dami

Lehel Szucs

Steven Keefe

Diana Bull


Steven Nemeth

Diana Gorsiski

Lesli Langslet

Sue Walsh

Diana Gorsiski

Linda Carroll

Susan & Robert Tilling

Diane Busch

Linda Daraskavich

Susan Marshall

Diane Smith

Linda DiStefano

Susan Vaterlaus

Diane Viviani

Linda Wilcox

Suzanne Yost

Diane West

Linda Wood

Taide Zamora

Ditas Yamane

Ling Chow

Tamara Stafford

Don Scordino

Lorraine Clark

Tammie Peters

Donelle DuFault

Lydell Fleming

Tania Flores

Donna Bell

Lynn Heintz

Teresa Carter

Donna O'Donnell

Maggie Hickman

Terriann Kuhlmann

Doug Ward

Marc DeContreaus

Theresa Garrett

Eileen Giorgi

Marc Dickow

Theresa Miller

Elizabeth Monley

Marc Farfel

Theresa Olson

Ellen Camacho

Marcanthony Sanchez

Thomas Swanson

E'Mira Torres

Margarita Sanchez

Tiffany LeFour

Eric Meyers

Marilyn Cunningham

Tim Townley

Erin Stumpf

Marion Proffitt

Tina Hand

Ernesto Ochoa

Mark Peterson

Tracey Clarke

Eugene Pak

Marnie Balog

Tracey McNeely

Eva Garcia

Mary Funk

Tracey Saizan

Eva Garcia

Mary Harman

Trisha Motter

Fanny Chu

Mary Jane Cambria

Tyler O Neal

Felicia Mares

Mary King-Batiste

Tyra Wright

Fidel Carranza

Mary Melville

Valerie Brand

Fidencio Macias

Matthew MacPhee

Vanessa Gamp

Frank Cancilla

Max Zaker

Vazrik Bonyadi

Frank Garcia

Melinda Hoff

Vicki Carpenter

Frank Nelson

Melissa Sanchez

Victoria Copeland

Gary Welterlen

Melrose Forde

Vincent Malta

Gaye Rainey

Michael Barnacle

Wayne Cory

Gerri-Lynn Fives

Michael Gordon

Wayne Woodyard

Graham Holmes

Michael Riley

Wendy Gates

Greg Astorian

Michael Verdone

Will Doerlich

Greg Carlsted

Michele Kersey

William Bowling

Gustavo Gonzalez

Michelle Arvidson

William Chea

Gwen DiMarzio

Michelle Cardoza

William Jansen

Heather Ozur

Michelle Perry

William Rehbock

Heather Thurber

Micky Peterson

William Ruh

Idelle Claypool

Mohammad Jawad

William Wei

Inmar Barrera

Molly McGee

William Zwahlen

Irma Vargas

Nadia Valenzuela

Yvonne Dowland

Jack Pharris

Nancie Allen

Zina Hall

James Baiseri

Nancy Robinson

James Dill

Nelia Tarango


Aaron Jay

Heather Bergen

Michael Godfrey

Abel Rios

Heather Gorman

Michael Marrone

Alex Velasco Arias

Heather Martineau

Michael Young

Alexander Huezo

Heather Watkins

Michele Allyn

Alexander Stoeber

Helen Moreno

Michele White

Alexandria Macias

Hershel Brewer

Michelle Bischoff

Alexia Neal

Hilary MacDonald

Michelle Grant

Ali Evans

Hiroko Nishikawa Naumann

Miguel Aguirre Campos

Alicia Buckner

Hope Sakho

Mike Richardson

Alicia Jimenez

Howard Katchen

Mike Vachani

Alisa Pepper

Ida Grivette

Mimi Greenberg

Allen Chiang

Ira Bland

Mitchell Morehart

Allie Baxter

Isabelle Huang

Mohammad Qazi

Allissen Jones

Jacqueline Walters

Mohammed Mirza

Ally Lao

Jaime Ortega

Monica Langhorne

Allyson Edwards

James Enyart

Morgan Hill

Alma Menchaca

James Krautmann

Nancy Kogevinas

Alyson Spann

James Spirakis

Nancy Newquist-Nolan

Amber Kelce

Jamie Sim

Nancy Starczyk

Amber Robinson

Jane Sheppard

Nancy Troxell Carnahan

Amy Baird

Janet Sprissler

Nanette Ong

Amy Campbell

Janice Laney

Nannarie Chaikumnerd

Amy Knight

Janie Sharp

Natasha Miller

Andrea Angel

Janine Hunt

Nathaniel Blake

Andrea O'Loughlin

Jason Davis

Neal Corkery

Andrea Ruhge

Jayla Johnson

Nicole James

Andrew Adler

Jeanne Palumbo

Norma Geyer

Andy Bencosme

Jedd Hewitt

Norma Rodriguez

Andy Sillers

Jeff Bell

Paloma Esteves

Angela Moloney

Jeffery Carlson

Pam Stevens

Anita McMillan

Jeffrey Brown

Pamela Scott

Anita Salas

Jeffrey Meek

Paresh Merchant

Annalise von Borstel

Jennie Strait

Patricia Griffin

Annie Foster

Jennifer Berger

Patricia Hicks

April Ouellette

Jennifer Hughes

Patricia Schwartzkopf

April Piercey

Jennifer Lovell

Patricia Stearns

Ara Kasarian

Jennifer Plana

Patrick Moore

Ashlee Cook

Jennifer Slinkard

Paul Darga

Ashley Anderson

Jeremy Jacobson

Paul Farsai

Athena Collup

Jessica Chapman

Paul Hurst

Austin Barron

Jessica Ferguson

Payton Olverd

Bakhsish Khalsa

Jessica Lupian

Peggy Francis

Barbara Betts

Jessica Sessions

Peter Leonard

Barbara Kadlecik

Jessica Uhle

Phil Lazzar

Barbara Koutnik

Jessica Van Pelt-Stretch

Philip Larios

Becky Johns

Jesusita Valencia

Priscilla Angel

Becky Prater

Jill Broadhurst

Rachael Douglas

Bernard Cervantes

Jill Stewart

Rachel Brown

Bertrand De Gabriac

Jim Alzina

Rachel Moore

Beth Rynearson

Jim Pojda

RaeAnn Titus

Beth Sparks

Jim Sowerby

Rafael Perez

Bianca Lobos

Jim Turner

Randall Hom

Bill Brouhard

Jim Witmer

Randall Solakian

Bill Vaughan

Jimmy La Peter

Randy Freed

Bob Contreras

Jo Ann Mermis

Randy Glick

Bob Croisdale

Jo Merit

Raymond Llamas

Bob Curtis

Joann Pomatto-Gomez

Raymond Yannone

Bobbe Higby

Joanna Vasquez

Renae Conner

Bonnie Shook

Jody Drewry

Rene Alvarez

Brandon Veltri

Jody Neal

Renee Grubb

Breck Overall

Joe Annunziato III

Renee Marvin

Brenda Lockhart

Joe Parker

Renee McArdle

Brett Williams

John Barroso

Reyne Stapelmann

Brewster Beattie

John Biebl

Rhonda Holmen

Brian Goldsworthy

John Carnesale

Ricardo Llamas Escareno

Brian Hull

John Chufar

Richard Mann

Brian Johnson

Johnnie Stephens

Richard Zambrano

Brian McLaughlin

Jola Cook

Rick Violett

Brianna Johnson

Jon Crain

Ricky Moore

Bridget Ingram

Jon Nastro

Rita Pokoo Aikins

Brittany Arntz

Jonathan Gilkeson

Robert Grove

Brittany Berry

Jonathan Standring

Robert Jones

Brittany Lough

Jonathan Walburg

Robert Kemp

Brittany Stuckey

Jordan Lento

Robert Lamborn

Brittany Winchester

Jose Sagrero

Robert Oliver

Bruce DeAragon

Joseph LoParo

Robert Riskin

Bryn Coriell

Joseph Visconti

Robert Ross

Buck Joffrey

Joshua Van Eck

Robert Ruccione

Caitlin Cole

Josiah Hamilton

Robert Shaw

Caleb Overton

Joyce Carlisle

Robert Walsmith Jr.

Cameron Calcagno-Newell

Joyce Leonard

Roberta Cook

Cameron Platt

Joyce West

Roberta McGinnis

Carl Henker

Juan Acevedo

Robin Bailie

Carla Farley

Juan Vargas

Robin White

Carmen Carr

Judith Rodriguez

Roland Lawrence

Carmen Galzerano

Judy Frank

Romy Haddad

Carol Duncan

Judy Zeigler

Ron Madden

Carol Frazzano

Julian Alston

Ronald Gajar

Carrie Hoyt

Julian SIlva Yevilaf

Ronald Madery

Carrie Tatreau

Julie Bencosme

Ronald Wolfe

Casey Smyth

Julie Lee

Rosa De Dios

Casey Turpin

Julie Ouellette

Rosibel Quintero-Alvarez

Cathy Moseley

Justin Hoang

Rumeiz Hasseem

Chad Scott

Kalia Rork

Russ Baruh

Charles Farish

Kami Love

Russell Hays

Charles McCann

Kandi Cogliandro

Ruth Ann Bowe

Charles Santoya

Kane Schaller

Ruth Eggli

Charlotte Kilgore

Karen Lacks Ramstrum

Ruthie Jones

Chessa Hedges

Karen Mann

Ruthie Nicholas

Chiara Gajar

Karen Nicholson

Ryan Harrell

Chris Agnoli

Karen Spechler

Ryan Logan

Chris Anderson

Karen Strickland

Ryan Malmsten

Chris Herbert

Karen Tabbah

Ryan Vandenburg

Chris Jones

Karin Ucer

Ryan Vaught

Chrissy Anderson

Karina Wright

Sally Gardner

Christie Gallagher

Karson Klauer

Sally Han

Christin Huckabee

Katelyn Collins

Samantha Ireland

Christina Talavera

Katherina Baykal

Samantha Joyner

Christine Deysher

Katherine Peterson

Samuel Armer

Christopher La Fosse

Katherine Silsbury

Sandi Gomes

Christy Curtis

Kathleen Barnato

Sandra Finley

Chuck Lamb

Kathleen Hawkins

Sandra Randono

Cindy Campbell

Kathleen Jones

Sanne Lee

Cindy Haskett

Kathleen Malenoir-Evans

Sara Corliss

Cindy Van Wingerden

Kathleen St. James

Sara Pugh

Clark Anderson

Kathleen Stanton

Sarah Ireland

Claudia Almaraz

Kathleen Winter

Sarah Pichulo

Claudia Diaz

Kathy Henry

Scott Franke

Clayton Slocum

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Clint Johns

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Clyde Akamine

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Colleen Williams

Kellie Swayne

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Connie Fitzgerald

Kelsey Hughes

Shari Dixon

Craig Lieberman

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Laura Wilson

Sue Irwin

Debbie Maderos

Lauren Kennedy

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Debbie Miller

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Diane Loverde

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Linos Kogevinas

Tami Erickson

Dick Law

Lisa Dukellis-Mitchener

Tammy Newland-Shishido

Dina Landi

Lisa Gillett

Tammy Schmidt

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Drew Walden

Lori Akers

Teresa Larson

Dusty Baker

Lori Hoffman

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Lorie Bartron

Terry Cheney

Ebony Smith

Lorri Arazi

Terry Hunt-costacos

Ed Herold

Lorri Pride

Thadeus Brewer

Edgar Morales

Louis Manzo

Theresa Bruno

Edgar Servin de la Mora

Louisa Henry

Theresa Haney

Edline Chado

Luan Blake

Thomas Dabney

Edward Fuller

Lucretia Newman

Thomas Peters

Edward Gomes

Luke Lundin

Thomas Schultheis

Elizabeth Black

Lynn Aglipay

Tia Hunnicutt

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Lynn Cochrane

Tiffany Charbonneau

Elizabeth De Carteret

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Tiffany Wilson

Elizabeth Kearns

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Timothy Johnson

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Madisyn Graham

Tina Christensen

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Makenna Markey

Todd Shea

Emily Burrell

Maksim Mironov

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Emmett Jacobi

Mao Tom Tseng

Tom Cruz

Eric Henry

Marc Matteoli

Tom Hiller

Eric Rojas

Marcy Bazzani

Tom Hunt

Erica Tannor

Margaret Boyd

Tom Whitman

Erika Kauzlarich-Bird

Margaret Chappell

Tomas Wong

Erin Beck

Margo Kenney

Toni Mallory

Erin Eamer

Marian Cavataio

Toni Mochi

Erin Muslera

Mario Gonzalez

Tonya Kennedy

Ernest Salinas

Marisol Mosqueda

Tracey McEckron

Esteban De La Paz

Marissa Mkrdichian

Traci Cooper

Esther Mata

Mark Chrisco

Tracy Helard-Shumard

Eugenia Aguilar

Mark Corliss

Trent Nader

Faith Fajardo

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Trent Thompson

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Mark Leiker

Tristan Roberts

Fernando Segura

Mark Machado

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Forrest Rader

Mark Moore

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Valerie Brinker

Frank Ioimo

Marla Virgin

Valerie Forte

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Marsha Gray

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Gail Cooley

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Gloria Easter

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