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Are you tired of bugging your kids for slouching over their phones, or can’t stop hunching over yourself? A solution has arrived. The Eye Forcer is a gadget worn just like glasses that detects the angle of your head, and promotes a warning to appear on your phone or notebook if you’re hunched. It will even shut down the app you are using if the neck craning persists for too long. »
- New Warning Lights For Rising Home Prices
- How Brexit Could Push Mortgage Rates to Historic Lows
- The Housing Market Has Partially Rebounded
- How The Housing Markets in 5 U.S. Cities May Have Cost You $5,000 in Lost Wages
- A Plan To Build Lots Of Affordable Housing Will Be On The November Ballot
Building on April’s gain, California pending home sales continued to rebound on a year-to-year basis, as listings increased. »
Presidential elections have historically had little or no negative impact on the California housing market, C.A.R. analysis found.  »
California existing home sales edged up in May, rising above the 400,000 benchmark level for the third straight month. »
hpi_rentalsRenters value homeownership but face affordability challenges when it comes to buying a home. »
Gov. Brown’s proposal includes a “build by right” plan that would create a voluntary permit streamlining approval process for developers to use. »
hpi_supplycurveDemographic changes, under-building, and policy issues are some of the reasons housing is in short supply in California. »
hpi_ahds_2016C.A.R.’s Annual Historical Data Summary Report tracks trends in California's housing market from 1968 to present. »
Higher wages and lower seasonal home prices combined to push California housing affordability higher in the first quarter of 2016. »
hpi_sac-capC.A.R.'s Board of Directors voted to support a $1.3 billion proposal by California Assembly members to create affordable housing programs. »


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