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Housing Affordability Fund

Programs and grants to provide direct assistance to address the housing crisis in California.

2018 Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Awards are a new C.A.R. initiative designed to work with the brokerage community to recognize their up-and-coming agents.


C.A.R. stands ready to assist REALTORS® who have been impacted by these wildfires through its Disaster Relief Fund.

Get Involved

Find out how you can Get Involved with C.A.R's Governmental Affairs program!

Innovators Workshop

Do you have an innovative idea(s) with regards to real estate? Submit your idea(s) for a chance to partner with C.A.R. and transform tomorrow's industry!

Scholarship Foundation

Scholarships for California students planning to pursue a career in real estate.

Education Foundation

Grants for California REALTORS® pursuing advanced real estate designations.

Young Professionals Network

New to the industry? YPN is a network to sharpen your skills, heighten your leadership, and connect with fellow REALTORS®.

For New Members

As a new member of C.A.R. you have questions about your benefits and discounts. Find the answers here.

Member FAQs
Consumer Ad Campaign

C.A.R.'s annual consumer advertising campaign creates awareness of the REALTOR® brand and demonstrates the many benefits of the consumer-REALTOR® relationship.

Who's Your REALTOR®?
Guide to Benefits

As a member of C.A.R., you receive more than 100 free and discounted benefits. Find out more about your member benefits here.

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2018 C.A.R. Officers

Meet the 2018 C.A.R. Leadership Team

C.A.R. Mission Statement

C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

Annual Report
Advertise With Us

Learn about advertising with C.A.R.


C.A.R. and its subsidiaries are currently recruiting for the following job opportunities.

Customer Service

Looking for additional assistance? The Customer Contact Center is looking forward to serving you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

Media Center

C.A.R.'s Media Center houses the Association's news releases, media guidelines, and logos.

News Releases
Partner With Us

Partner With Us

C.A.R. Services

We are an email, a phone call or a click away. Don't hesitate and reach out to us!

Rosters & Directories

Need help finding the right person? Try searching through our various rosters & directories.


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Los Angeles - Executive Office:
525 South Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90020
Phone: (213) 739-8200
Fax: (213) 480-7724

Sacramento - Legislative Office:
1121 L Street #600
Sacramento, CA  95814
Phone: (916) 492-5200
Fax: (916) 444-2033


Singer, Joel (Chief Executive Officer)


Framroze, Anne (Senior Vice President)

Belongia, Mary (Senior Communication Specialist)
Kelch, Tyler (Marketing Manager)
Maxon, Terri (Marketing Services Director)
Needham, Jack (Communication Specialist)
Palfrey, Lauren (Marketing Specialist)
Raif, Erickson (Videographer)
Taylor, Chris (Director of Online Content/New Media)
California Real Estate Magazine
Hanson-O'Hare, Melissa (Administrative Assistant)
Katzin, Stacey (Advertising Sales Director)    
Scott, Pamela (Account Executive)  
Young, Donna (Advertising Assistant)
Corey, Munmy (Expo Administrative Assistant)  
Thomas, Betty (Expositions & Special Events Director)

Media Relations
Lou, Lotus (Public Relations Director)

Bholat, Iqbal (Chief Financial Officer)

Financial Management
Atienza, Allan (Staff Accountant)
Cheung, Shui Yin (Accounting Manager)
Lutero, Luming (Staff Accountant)
Molina, Mirna (Accounting Clerk)
Morozova, Irina (Staff Accountant)
Sze, Ginny (Staff Accountant)
Uraizee, Rizwan (Controller)
Win, Thida (Staff Accountant)

Creel, Alex (Senior Vice President)

Federal Government Affairs (Sacramento)
Roberts, Matthew (Federal Government Affairs Manager)

Governmental Relations (Sacramento)
Anderson, Edie (Sacramento Office Manager)
Carlisle, Christopher (Legislative Advocate)
Drissi, Karim (Legislative Advocate)
Dugger, Christine (Legislative Advocate)
Gavric, Jelisaveta (Legislative Advocate)
Lucero, Vanessa (Legislative Analyst)
Mitts, Dori (Administrative Assistant)
Nevarez, Tessa (Regulatory Analyst)
Svec, Jennifer (Legislative Advocate)
Tucker, Nicole (Administrative Assistant)
Wagle, Sanjay (Legislative Advocate)
Wieg, Stan (Vice President)    

Local Governmental Relations
Laezman, Richard (Local Government/Legislative Communications Director)
Samuel, Emmagene (Administrative Assistant) 

Member Mobilization/Political Affairs
Barrett, Rian (Field Program Manager)
Bellach, Sean (Government Affairs Field Representative)
Bunch, Matthew (Government Affairs Field Representative)
Colmenares, Jacquelyn (Local Candidate Campaign Coordinator)
Edwards, Lisa (PAC Financial/Fundraising Coordinator)
Morello, Mandy (Administrative Assistant)
Movroydis, Lynn (Government Affairs Fundraising Representative)
Negrete, Laiza (PAC Director)
Spiller, Robyn (Government Affairs Field Representative)
Tran, Julie (Government Affairs Field Representative)

Barlow, June (Senior Vice President and General Counsel)

Corporate Legal
Karapetyan, Eliza (Staff Attorney)
Li, Jenny (Senior Counsel)
Lue, Shuan (Staff Attorney)
Manson, Brian (Managing Counsel)
Miller Bougdanos, Elizabeth (Senior Counsel)
Polinsky, Brian (Staff Attorney)
Radmore, David (Staff Attorney)
Schoelkopf, Alexis (Administrative Assistant)
Sellers, Patricia Jo (Legal Assistant)
Strong, Cheryl (Administrative Assistant)

Member Legal Services
Barkodar, Lior (Staff Attorney)
Bloom, Robert (Supervising Senior Counsel)
Byun, Amanda (Staff Attorney)
Chin, Llewellyn (Senior Counsel)
Espinosa, Gabriel (Staff Attorney)
Fallman, Howard (Managing Senior Counsel)
Gardner, Jana (Staff Attorney)
Hurd, Danielle (Administrative Assistant)
Hutchinson, Gov (Vice President and Assistant General Counsel)
Kalin, Neil (Assistant General Counsel)
Kirios, Linda (Senior Counsel)
Ko, Esther (Associate Counsel)
Ma, Jonathan (Associate Counsel)
Murakawa, Justin (Supervising Counsel)
Saeedian, Jessica (Staff Attorney)
Simon, Kate (Staff Attorney)  
Spears, Dana (Staff Attorney)  
Van, Olivia (Staff Attorney)

Appleton-Young, Leslie (Senior Vice President)

Industry Relations/Finance Helpline/Housing Affordability Fund
Flores, Guillermo (Customer Experience Coordinator)
Green, Paula (Senior Administraive Assistant/Member Information Group Coordinator)
Gomez, Julissa (Manager of Fundraising & Housing Opportunity)
Reyes, Mitch (Finance Helpline Customer Service Representative)
Sutachan, Sara (Vice President)

Local Association Services and Membership Development
Bernard, Sharlena (Local Association Services/Membership Development Coordinator)
Elam, Lottie (Local Association Services Director)
Horn, Emily (NAR Core Standards Program Manager/New AE Professional Development Coordinator)
Ly, Jennifer (Membership Development and Community Relations Manager)

Research and Economics
Amir-Ghassemi, Azad (Research Analyst)
Levine, Jordan (Economist)
Menchaca, Alma (Administrative Assistant)
Ramos, Rowena (Research Coordinator)
Wei, Oscar (Senior Economist) 

Shumacher, Rick (Senior Vice President)

Customer Contact Center
Birdwell, Rose Ann (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Brown, Roscoe (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Chism, Rayshawn (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Gonzalez, Lilia (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Hill, Gabriel (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Lopez, Vernette (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Maciel, Chris (Customer Contact Center Representative)
Pegues, Denise (Customer Experience Director)
Valenzuela, Robert (Customer Contact Center Representative)

Executive Services
Flores, Lynette (Association Governance Coordinator)
Lopez, Evelyn (Association Governance Coordinator)
Martinez, Mary (Executive Assistant)
Moss, Lindsey (Governance and Executive Services Manager)
Nury, Cyrus (Special Projects Coordinator)

Human Resources
Llanos, Lauren (Human Resources Administrator)
Yee, Mona (Human Resources Manager)

Meeting Services
Berkowitz, Marc (Meeting Planner)
King, Monica (Meeting Planner)

Kinzel, Rick (Vice President)

Administrative Services/Building
Badillo, Evan (Administrative Services Clerk)
Cherrington, Joan (Administrative Assistant)
Gallardo, Hector (Administrative Services Supervisor)
Ochoa, Jorge (Maintenance Clerk)
Sifuentez, Juan (Administrative Services Coordinator)

Crawford, Tiffany (Membership Coordinator)  
Trammer, Keismond (Membership Supervisor)  

Sharfman, Josh (Chief Technology Officer)

Information Technology
Cordova, Luciano (Help Desk Coordinator)
Magallon, Gerardo (Systems Administrator Lead)  
Wasser, Steve (Senior Systems and Network Administrator)

Application Support & Development
Antonio, Jonathan (Application Developer)
Awad, Mohamed (IT Manager)
Everett, Joe (Application Developer)
Patil, Sheela (Senior Application Developer)

Ferrier, Debra (REBS Chief Executive Officer)

Business Products and Sales
Matias, Cecilia (Support Coordinator)
Mayfield, Britjette (Administrative Assistant)
Roy, James (Business Products Manager)
Williamson, Laura (Vice President)

Education and Technology
Comisi, Candice (Administrative Assistant)  
Miraglio, Laura (Education Services Director)
Pekerow, David (Administrative Assistant)   
Smith, James (Education Services Specialist)

Budak, Michelle (Marketing Manager)
Taheri, Layla (Marketing Coordinator)

Training and zipForm
Jaross, Julie (REALTOR® Training and Business Services Manager)
Osollo, Nathaniel (ZipForm Product Coordinator)
Reitmann, Tom (Sales Associate)
Sogueco, Fatima (Software Products Supervisor) 


Los Angeles Based Employees
Giberson, Mark (Vice President, Marketing and Communications)
Vilner, Max (Java Developer)
Zerroug, Mourad (Vice President Software Development)  


Last Revised: November 2, 2017

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