September 2018

September 01, 2018

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September 2018


September 2018

What's Inside This Issue

Best Practices, Pet Peeves, and Challenges
Industry vets and newbies share their experiences.


The Era of iBuyers?
Are you paying close attention to the growing number of Wall Street-backed firms that want to change the way homes are sold?  

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Coming Next Issue

Our October issue is all about REimagine! our brand-new, amped up annual conference. This ain't your mama's EXPO! REimagine! is all about connections and interactions, with tons of networking opportunities, thought-provoking content, a packed exhibit hall, and immersive experiences. The October issue also goes in-depth with important information about Propositions 5 and 10 on the November ballot.
October 2018

Mailed : September 17, 2018

Arrival : September 29, 2018

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