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 Californians have a language all their own, and that’s even more true in the real estate market. So if you’re buying or selling a house in the Golden State, you need a someone who speaks the language. And that’s exactly how California REALTORS® are portrayed in our new campaign, “Fluent in Californian.” We show just how much easier buying and selling in California can be when you have a REALTOR® who knows all the answers.  

Starting April 2, you’ll see TV commercials running on NBC, ABC, HGTV, and Bravo. We’re also going digital to reach a new generation of home buyers. Radio commercials will continue to dominate Friday drive times across multiple stations. We’ll extend that on-the-go mentality with mobile ads built to educate and engage. Plus, for the first time ever, we’ll have 28 new digital and static boards in California’s core markets for six weeks.

All of these touch points connect the dots between REALTORS® and consumers, showing how only a California REALTOR® can help make real estate dreams a reality.

Television and Radio: We’ve kept our partnership going with two media giants, NBC and iHeartRadio, which means our message will be seen and heard across the state.

  • More than 1,600 TV spots will air across four top markets: Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. These 30- and 15-second ads will be seen on one of America’s top television networks, NBC, as well as on ABC, Bravo and HGTV.
  • More than 2,000 radio spots, ranging from five-second DJ reads to sixty-second recorded spots, will air in four key markets. We are continuing our partnership with iHeartRadio to dominate Friday evening drive-time. Again this year, we’ve expanded weekend support and added online streaming to the mix.

Billboards: Starting this year, we’re bringing 28 digital and static billboards to California's core market for 6 weeks.

Online: Our digital campaign focuses on educating potential home buyers with video, editorial, and banners across a variety of different platforms, generating roughly 26 million impressions.

We’re using Hulu, NBC, and ABC to extend our TV buy. We’re also partnering with BuzzFeed to create custom content for first-time homebuyers, which will be distributed natively and on Facebook. For the first time, we’re teaming up with with Pandora. And finally, we’re working with REALTOR.com and premium ad network, Undertone, to create a mobile experience for homebuyers on the go.

Don’t forget our consumer-facing website, www.championsofhome.com where consumers can find everything from staging tips, the latest county pricing trends and more, across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The CARmojis app, REALTOR® RealTalk (custom graphic maker), and REALTOR® ReelMaker (personalized C.A.R. consumer ad campaign videos), are still going strong! Since its launch two years ago, over 531,000 Carmojis have been used to spice up REALTOR® conversations across California. Plus, almost 12,000 RealTalk cards and 15,000 personalized reels have been created. Download the apps at www.CARMemberTools.com.

Social Media: C.A.R.’s social media presence will be stronger than ever with shareable social content on C.A.R.’s Facebook,Instagram and Twitter platforms. There will also be content on Pinterest with helpful tips and tools for consumers and REALTORS®.

Overall Campaign highlights include:

  •  Over 1,600 TV spots on NBC, ABC, HGTV and Bravo for 8 weeks during the industry’s peak season
  • Over 2,000 radio spots over 16 weeks
  • More than 30 million online impressions over 12 weeks
  • Friday drive-time domination and Thursday/Friday :30 Midday spots, as well as Thursday–Sunday weekend bonus spots.
  • Online presence through pre-roll, custom editorial, and high impact mobile units on Hulu, NBC, HGTV, BuzzFeed, Facebook, REALTOR.com, and Undertone
  • Updates to www.championsofhome.com with new content

New REALTOR® tools to create custom marketing content to share with clients and prospective clients through social media, email, newsletters and more.

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