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Plain-English explanations for every paragraph in the RPA that you can send to your buyers and sellers. REALTORS® can use it too!

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ePUBS™ Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is ePUBS® for zipForm®?
ePUBS® for zipForm® is an add-on library that consists of 2 mandated and numerous consumer disclosure titles, consumer-targeted educational titles, and eco-friendly information. The most notable title in the ePUBS® for zipForm® library is a digitized version of the Combined Hazards and Home Energy Rating System(HERS) pamphlet. This library is free to C.A.R. members.

2. How do I access ePUBS® for zipForm®?
Accessing ePUBS ® for zipForm® is fast and easy.
ePUBS® is available in your zipForm® Library Forms drop-down menu, in the Forms Manager.

3. How does ePUBS® for zipForm® work?
Once you’ve downloaded the library into your zipForm® account, you can email files to your client directly from the ePUBS® for zipForm® library. To send the Combined Hazards Book and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) pamphlet, email your client both the Combined Hazards Book file and the file labeled “SEPARATE SIGNATURE PAGE –PRINT”. Ask your client to print out the separate signature page and view the other file on their monitor. The email message that accompanies the ePUBS® for zipForm® files will ask the client to consider the environment before printing, creating green awareness.

4. Which titles are included in the ePUBS® for zipForm® library?
(Please note: the Combined Hazards Book and its separate signature file, and The Commercial Property Owner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety (and its separate signature file) are mandatory titles. All others are consumer titles.)

  • Residential Environmental Hazards
  • Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS)
  • Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
  • Separate signature page, including the Earthquake Hazards Report (to be used in conjunction with the Combined Hazards Book)
  • Common Interest Development
  • Seller’s Guide to the Residential Listing Agreement and Disclosures (C.A.R. Forms TDS and SSD)
  • Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to the California Residential Purchase Agreement
  • Property Transaction booklet (to be used in conjunction with C.A.R. Form AD)
  • Consumer Guide to Disclosure Requirements for Sellers
  • Consumer Guide to Disclosure Requirements for Buyers
  • The Commercial Property Owner’s Guide To Earthquake Safety
  • Separate signature page including the Commercial Property Disclosure Report (to be used in conjunction with The Commercial Property Owner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety)
  • Foreclosure Q&A
  • Short Sale Q&A
  • Green Living Brochure

5. Should I notify my client before sending ePUBS® for zipForm® files?
Sure. Some of the files you’ll email to your client will be rather large. It’s a good idea to send a cursory email letting your client know that there are important files coming their way and to keep an eye out for files that might get caught by spam or junk filters. Feel free to copy and paste the letter template in the text box below into your email.

6. Do I have to pay a fee to use ePUBS® for zipForm®?
No. ePUBS® for zipForm® is FREE to C.A.R. members.

7. Who do I contact for technical support?
Email [email protected] for ePUBS® for zipForm® technical support.

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