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C.A.R. stands ready to assist REALTORS® who have been impacted by these wildfires through its Disaster Relief Fund.

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C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

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The “Long Story” will continue to unfold with radio spots airing on iHeartRadio within the same major markets as television. Primarily running during Friday evening drive time and additional Monday AM live drive DJ series, the C.A.R. campaign will dominate the airwaves from April through July. Working with iHeartMedia, the leading radio group in the United States, the C.A.R message will run in over 1600 spots in varying lengths from :05 to :15 to :60. Spots will also air Thursday through Sunday for supplemental coverage, and well as via online streaming, to dominate weekend radio.

Radio Schedules

Radio will be concentrated in four metro areas. The local radio schedule for these areas may be found below and are subject to change.
Los Angeles

●        KBIG-FM - 3:34 pm, 4:34 pm, 5:26 pm, 5:32 pm, 5:57 pm, 6:01 pm, 6:26 pm
●        KIIS-FM - 2:12 pm, 3:12 pm, 4:13 pm, 4:19 pm, 4:42 pm, 4:48 pm, 5:04 pm
●        KOST-FM - 3:22 pm, 4:22 pm, 5:12 pm, 5:17 pm, 5:40 pm, 5:45 pm, 6:12 pm
San Diego
●        KHTS-FM - 3:20 pm, 4:20 pm, 5:22 pm, 5:27 pm, 5:53 pm, 5:58 pm, 6:22 pm
●        KIOZ-FM - 3:53 pm, 4:53 pm, 5:25 pm, 5:30 pm, 5:56 pm, 6:01 pm, 6:25 pm
●        KMYI-FM - 3:46 pm, 4:46 pm, 5:13 pm, 5:18 pm, 5:46 pm, 5:51 pm, 6:13 pm
San Francisco
●        KIOI-FM - 3:34 pm, 4:34 pm, 5:25 pm, 5:30 pm, 5:50 pm, 5:55 pm, 6:25 pm
●        KISQ-FM - 2:36 pm, 3:36 pm, 4:27 pm, 4:32 pm, 4:52 pm, 4:57 pm, 5:27 pm
●        KYLD-FM - 3:16 pm, 4:16 pm, 5:55 pm, 6:01 pm, 6:25 pm, 6:30 pm, 6:45 pm
●        KHYL-FM - 3:15 pm, 4:15 pm, 5:14 pm, 5:17 pm, 5:43 pm, 5:48 pm, 6:13 pm
●        KQJK-FM - 3:20 pm, 4:19 pm, 5:13 pm, 5:19 pm, 5:43 pm, 5:49 pm, 6:13 pm
●        KFBK-AM - 3:43 pm, 4:38 pm, 5:07 pm, 5:17 pm, 5:27 pm, 5:37 pm, 5:47 pm

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