March/April 2020

March 01, 2020

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March/April 2020

MarchApril 2020

March/April 2020

What's Inside This Issue

Disruptors: Where Are They Now?
A lot can change in two years. Catch up on how real estate’s biggest disruptors are faring today.

(Not Always) Fair Housing

A 2019 Newsday investigation on Long Island revealed sweeping Fair Housing violations in real estate. Where do we go from here?

Be Counted

The 2020 Census has the power to transform your community. Are you doing your part?

Who’s Your REALTOR®?

Get to know C.A.R.’s 2020 consumer ad campaign.


This issue was sent to print prior to the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak in California. Due to this unprecedented public health crisis, the C.A.R. consumer ad campaign has been re-envisioned as a tribute to California and will begin airing May 4. You can view and share the current spots here.

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Coming Next Issue

In light of the long lead times associated with the production of the magazine, we are suspending publication of the May/June issue, which had been in the works for weeks before the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. We will resume our schedule with the July/August issue so that we can bring you content relevant for this extraordinary time.

The July/August issue will mail on 7/21 and arrive in homes by 7/29/20.

July/August 2020

Mailed : July 17, 2020

Arrival : July 29, 2020

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