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Q3/Summer 2022

Q3 Summer 2022

Q3/Summer 2022

What's Inside This Issue

Maintaining the California Dream with Resilient Homes
Discover approaches to fortify California homes against changing climate and energy needs. 


CCRE Panel: Strategies To Cope With the Impacts of Wildfires
Read the experts’ debate about setting statewide and local policies for fire hardening.


What Can Tech Do for You?
Learn how and why Google, Apple and Facebook are investing in affordable housing in the state.


Latino Home Buyers: a Rising Force in California
Understand the trends behind growing numbers of Latino home buyers, and how to help them succeed.

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Coming Next Issue

The next issue of California Real Estate will highlight events at our annual REimagine! Conference and Expo, in Long Beach. Get a sneak peak at the speaker lineup, pre-conference sessions, free sessions, networking events, and much more. Decide which events you won’t want to miss, and where you can go to refresh your network. We will also gather economists and REALTORS® to discuss navigating the changing housing market; delve into a discussion of ways to increase housing supply, sponsored by the Center for California Real Estate; and explore an innovative model for helping people move from homelessness to stability and contributing to their community at Goodness Village.

REimagine! Conference 2022

Mailing Date: September 16, 2022

Est. Arrival: September 28, 2021

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