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Q2/Spring 2022

Q2 Spring 2022

Q2/Spring 2022

What's Inside This Issue

Meet John M. Sebree, C.A.R.'s New CEO
Get to know John and his goals for leading C.A.R. into the future.


Accessing the American Dream
Delve into the history behind Asian American & Pacific Islanders’ growing rate of homeownership.


Let’s Give ‘Em Somethin’ to Talk About
Explore C.A.R.’s three exciting, new ad campaigns that will help boost your business.


Who Gets to Call California Home
Read the latest findings from CCRE’s exclusive collaboration with USC to research how trends in population are affecting and affected by the housing crunch.


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Coming Next Issue

The Q3/Summer issue of California Real Estate will explore sustainability in real estate, including how developers are changing their methods in order to address the impacts of increasing drought, more severe storms, and other climate effects on built structures, as well as the results from a panel of distinguished experts discussing wildfire and climate change’s impacts on real estate, organized by the Center for California Real Estate. It will investigate recent pledges of $4+ billion from four Silicon Valley tech companies to support the creation of affordable housing in the state. Finally, it will reveal the latest data on Hispanic communities and their rising investments in real estate.

Q3Summer 2022

Mailing Date: July 15, 2022

Est. Arrival: July 27, 2022

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