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REimagine! Conference 2022


REimagine! Conference 2022

What's Inside This Issue

REimagine! Highlights and Events
Explore informative sessions from top names in the industry, meet vendors who can increase your profits, and find out where the best shindigs will be during this year’s in-person conference. 


Goodness Village: A Dignified Space
A remarkable community in Livermore, Calif. is taking a new approach to helping formerly homeless people discover their skills and talents.


CCRE Panel: Innovations in Housing
C.A.R. CEO John Sebree conducted an incisive panel discussion on ways to increase the housing supply at all levels.


The Right Videos Attract the Right Viewers
Instead of trying to go viral, make content tailored for the clients you are targeting.

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Coming Next Issue

The next issue of California Real Estate will introduce 2023’s incoming C.A.R. president, Jennifer Branchini. Learn how she gets her mojo and discover her main priorities for the Association next year. We will also review the biggest industry issues that affected California REALTORS® in 2022 and gather insight and advice from real estate economists and experienced REALTORS® on weathering this changing housing market. Learn how the right social media platforms can help you find renters in your region, and review the best practices for inclusive marketing.

Q4/Fall 2022

Mailing Date: November 17, 2022

Est. Arrival: November 30, 2022

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