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November/December 2021

NovemberDecember 2021

November/December 2021

What's Inside This Issue

Never a Dull Moment
Take a look back at the most significant changes during this tumultuous year.


Joel Singer on 43 Years: A Career Retrospective
Reminisce about four decades of C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer’s remarkable leadership. 


A Servant’s Heart
Get to know incoming C.A.R. President Otto Catrina..


Appraisal Bias and Racial Wealth Inequality
What you need to know about appraisal bias, and how to fight against it.

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Coming Next Issue

Beginning in 2022, California Real Estate magazine will become a quarterly publication. The Q1/Winter issue will take a look at the hottest business trends and issues you will want to consider for your 2022 business planning and will review the most impactful legislation that will affect your business next year. In honor of Black History Month, we also highlight Black real estate professionals who’ve made impacts in the real estate industry

Q1/Winter 2022

Mailed : January 14, 2022

Arrival : January 28, 2022

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