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March/April 2018


March/April 2018

What's Inside This Issue

Fair Housing turns 50
It's been half a century since the Fair Housing Act was signed into law. How far have we come and is there more work to be done?

The Ins and Outs of Tax Reform
Love it or hate it, tax reform is now law. Check out the major provisions and their impact on California housing.

The Disruptors: Upstarts or Stalwarts
iBuyers and new business models are making their way onto the scene. What makes them stand out from the crowd and should you be worried?

#Unlock-Homes: Property Taxes Locking Seniors in Homes
C.A.R.'s fight to help seniors, the disabled, and victims of natural disaster port their Prop. 13 property tax savings to new properties.


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Coming Next Issue

In the May issue, we’re examining the rising popularity of the teams model and hearing from team leaders about why they decided to start their own teams. We’re also highlighting our new consumer ad campaign that’s all about the importance of working with a California REALTOR® and giving you the lowdown on what industry leaders really think about the MLS.

May 2018

Mailed : April 27, 2018

Arrival : May 09, 2018

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