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June/July 2018


June/July 2018

What's Inside This Issue

When Women Lead
Women are underrepresented when it comes to leading firms or holding positions of leadership. Take a deep dive into the states and hear from some of the industry's leading women brokers.

Rent Control
Rent control hurts low-income families and results in higher costs for renters. Find out why in an excerpt from a position paper by C.A.R.'s Center for California Real Estate.


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Coming Next Issue

It’s all about tech! We have a feature on AI (artificial intelligence) in real estate, a roundtable discussion with industry veterans and newbies discussing their challenges and opportunities, an expert spills secrets on using video to market yourself, and six REALTORS® share the tech they can’t live without. You’ll also want to read The Lead with Sherry Chris from Better Homes and Garden Real Estate.
August 2018

Mailed : July 27, 2018

Arrival : August 08, 2018

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