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November/December 2020

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November/December 2020

What's Inside This Issue

The 10 Wildest Things That Happened in 2020
Some of the biggest stories from a larger-than-life year.

We’ll Get Through This Together
Get to know Dave Walsh: Your 2021 C.A.R. President.

A State on Fire
On top of the twin threats of COVID-19 and devastating wildfires, a new danger is brewing in California: an insurance crisis. 

The Lead: Leslie Appleton-Young
A fond farewell interview with Leslie Appleton-Young, C.A.R.’s chief economist, who retires this year. 


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Coming Next Issue

In the January/February issue, we’re taking stock of how 2020 — from the pandemic to the election and beyond — will impact California real estate moving forward. What long-lasting impact will COVID-19 have on the way we transact real estate? What do California homeowners need to know about recently passed laws? And how can REALTORS® best educate themselves on fair housing issues?

January/February 2021

Mailed : January 15, 2021

Arrival : January 29, 2021

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