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October 2018


October 2018

What's Inside This Issue

REimagine! Conference and Pre-Conference Guide
Check out Pre-Conference advenutres where goal-crushing, actionable ideas and personal connections come together. Hit the shmooze button, get your social on and prepare to learn in bold ways on two FREE days, plus get a sneak preview of all of the a-ha moments and instaworthy activations happening throughout the event.


Be the Change: Vote to Protect Homeownership in California
This November, two extremely important measures will be on the California ballot - Prop 5 and Prop 10. Learn why a "yes" vote on Prop 5 and a "no" vote on Prop 10 are both critical to California's housing market.

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Coming Next Issue

As 2018 winds down, we reflect on the highlights, lowlights and biggest surprises of the year. Plus we get you up to speed on last-minute changes you can make now to affect your 2018 tax return. We also catch up with Jared Martin, president of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® for 2019, who shares his vision for the future and explains why he didn’t want to be a REALTOR® growing up (and what made him change his mind).
November/December 2018

Mailed : November 09, 2018

Arrival : November 21, 2018

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