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2016  PAT "ZIGGY" ZICARELLI, Southland Regional
2015  CHRIS KUTZKEY, Siskiyou
2014  KEVIN BROWN, Bay East
2013  DON FAUGHT, Bay East
2012  *LeFRANCIS ARNOLD, Rancho Southeast  
2011  BETH L. PEERCE, Southland Regional
2010  STEVE GODDARD, South Bay
2009  JAMES LIPTAK, Paso Robles
2008  WILLIAM E. BROWN, Bay East
2007  COLLEEN BADAGLIACCO, Santa Clara County
2006  VINCE MALTA, San Francisco
2005  JIM HAMILTON, South Bay
2004  ANN PETTIJOHN, Pacific West
2003  TOBY BRADLEY, Santa Barbara
2002  ROBERT BAILEY, Santa Cruz
2001  GARY THOMAS, Orange County
2000  RICHARD GAYLORD, Pacific West
1999  DIANA BULL, Santa Barbara
1998  *TIM CORLISS, Los Angeles
1997  BOB KULICK, Saratoga
1996  RICHARD A. SNYDER, San Diego
1995  *ED ALBERS, Roseville
1994  PATRICIA NEAL, Garden Grove
1993  WALT McDONALD, Riverside
1992  CHUCK LAMB, Northridge
1991  *MACK POWELL, Fair Oaks
1990  JIM ANTT, Jr., Bakersfield
1989  LEO SAUNDERS, Walnut Creek
1988  *DALE COLBY, Glendora
1987  *JACK PAULSON, San Jose
1985  *RAYMOND D. SPINELLI, Menlo Park
1984  BECKI SCHWAB, La Mesa
1983  *A. GORDON NICOLSON, Orinda
1981  ART GODI, Stockton
1980  JOHN E. SEYMOUR, Anaheim
1978-79  CLARK E. WALLACE, Moraga
1978  *DONALD A. WIEDMANN, Los Angeles
1977  *JEROME BLANK, Berkeley
1976  *IRA GRIBIN, Sherman Oaks
1975  *RICHARD C. FARRER, Castro Valley
1974  *C. LARRY HOAG, Downey
1973  *RICHARD C. VAN VALER, San Jose
1972  *JOSEPH B. CARNAHAN, Mission Hills
1971  *BARNARD S. ADAMS, Danville 
1970  *MELVIN L. MOULD, Lakewood
1969  *EMMETTE T.GATEWOOD, Jr., Los Gatos
1968  ROBERT W. KARPE, Bakersfield
1967  REED ROBBINS, Stockton
1966  *BURTON E. SMITH, Newport Beach
1965  *DAVID N. ROBINSON, Berkeley
1964  *ART S. LEITCH, San Diego
1963  *L.H. "SPIKE" WILSON, Fresno
1962  *CHARLES H. BROWN, Pasadena
1961  *KENNETH H. SMITTEN, San Francisco
1960  *EDWARD L. CALLAHAN, San Marino
1959  *J.B. CLAYTON, Jr., San Jose
1958  *CLIVE GRAHAM, Long Beach
1957  *J. MORTIMER CLARK, San Francisco
1956  *JOHN COTTON, San Diego
1955  *FLOYD LOWE, Menlo Park
1954  *L.I. McLELLAN, Pasadena
1953  *FRANK MacBRIDE, Jr., Sacramento
1952  *JAMES M. UDALL, Los Angeles
1951  *WILLARD L. JOHNSON, San Francisco
1950  *HERBERT LAKEY, Palm Springs
1949  *W. ED. WALLACE, Moraga
1948  *FRED B. MITCHELL, San Diego
1947  *L. LOUIS GAIRAUD, San Jose
1946  *ARTHUR H. VOELKER, Glendale
1945  *MAURICE G. READ, Berkeley
1944  *FRANK L. WHITELOCK, San Bernardino
1943  *WALTER LAUFENBERG, San Francisco
1942  *LELAND P. REEDER, Beverly Hills
1941  *PAUL S. BOMBERGER, Modesto
1940  *H.L. GIANETTI, Pasadena
1939  *CHRIS R. JONES, Sacramento
1938  *GROVER T. RUSSELL, Laguna Beach
1937  *F.E. DAYTON, Salinas
1936  *CHARLES B. SHATTUCK, Los Angeles
1935  *CHARLES W. BROCK, San Francisco
1934  *ROBERT A. SWINK, Pasadena
1933  *HAYDEN F. JONES, La Puente
1932  *PETER HANSON, Glendale
1931  *D.D. WATSON, Walnut Creek
1930  *W.H. DAUM, Los Angeles
1929  *J. BRADLEY CLAYTON, San Jose
1928  *HAL G. HOTCHKISS, San Diego
1927  *HARRY B. ALLEN, San Francisco
1926  *HARRY H. CULVER, Balboa
1925  *D. RICHARD AINSLEY, Fresno
1924  *EVERETT A. WHITE, Santa Ana
1924  *HENRY P. BARBOUR, Long Beach
1923  *FRAZIER O. REED, San Jose
1922  *C.C.C. TATUM, Los Angeles
1920-21  *FRED E. REED, Oakland
1918-19  *W.W. MINES, Los Angeles
1917  *W.L. ATKINSON, San Jose
1915-16  *GEORGE J. WREN, Modesto
1914  *C.C. JUSTER, Santa Barbara
1912-13  *GEORGE N. BLACK, Los Angeles
1911  *MABRY McMAHAN, San Francisco
1910  *J.E. FISHER, San Jose
1909  *FRANK K. MOTT, Oakland
1908  *DAN W. CARMICHAEL, San Francisco
1907  *JOSIAH R. HOWELL, San Francisco
1906  *DeWITT  H. GRAY, Fresno
1905  *FRANCIS FERRIER, Berkeley

C.A.R. Past Presidents Photo Gallery (or view the slide show below)

* Deceased


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