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Outstanding C.A.R. Committee Chairs

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2016 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Association Executives, Annette Coffey
Association Presidents, Leadership Forum, Marilyn Cunningham
Business Technology Forum, Patrick Lieuw
California Distinguished REALTOR® Awards Selection, Rick Violett
C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation/C.A.R. Education Foundation, Sue Vaterlaus
California REALTOR® Expo Advisory, Irene Reinsdorf
Commerical Investment Forum, Derek Sprague
Communications Advisory, Sherri Souza
Credentials, Lauren Parry
CREPAC Trustees, Don Scordino
Defense Strategy Advisory, Ann Throckmorton
Educational Services Advisory, Suzi Dunkel-Soto
Federal, Otto Catrina
Global Real Estate Forum, Sharon Mancillas
Home Ownership Housing, Charlene Singley
Housing Affordability Fund, Michael Tessaro
IMPAC Trustees, Tom Hiller
Investment Housing, Karl Lee
Land Use & Environmental, Coy Knapp
Legal Action Fund Trustees, Robert Hunt
Legal Affairs Forum, Jim Keith
Legislative, Staci Caplan
Local Government Forum, Jean Tietgen
Membership, Norma Scantlin
MLS Policy, Ken Neufeld
Nominating and Past Presidents, Don Faught
Past Presidents, Beth L. Peerce
Political Activities Fund, John Cribb
Professional Standards, Pat Fredericks
Public Policy Forum, Melrose Forde
REALTOR® Action Fund, Tamara Suminski
REALTOR® Risk Management and Consumer Protection, Diane Manns
Sergeant-at-Arms, Alan Wagner
Standard Forms Advisory, Nikki Coppa
Taxation & Government Finance, Cynthia Carley
Transaction & Regulatory, Jim Irving
Young Professionals Network Forum, Matt Clements

2015 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Jeff Campbell, Association Presidents, Leadership Forum
Cynthia Carley, Federal Committee
David Walsh, Legislative Committee

2014 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Sharon Bowler, REALTOR® Action Fund Committee
Virginia Butler, Home Ownership Housing Committee
Steve White, CREPAC Trustees

2013 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Wes Burk, MLS Policy Committee
Sandy Darling, Home Ownership Housing Committee
Dorothy Jackson, CREPAC Trustees

2012 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Dennis Badagliacco, Legal Action Fund Trustees
Lorraine Clark, California REALTOR® EXPO Advisory Committee
John Torres, Housing Committee

2011 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Charlene Singley, C.A.R. Housing Affordability Committee
Steve White, Legislative Committee
Judy Zeigler, REALTOR® Action Fund Committee

2010 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Irma Vargas, CREPAC Trustees
Mike Silvas, CALMLS Subsidiary

2009 Outstanding Committee Chairs

Carol Facciponti, C.A.R. Housing Affordability Fund Committee

Heath Hilgenberg, Legislative Committee

2008 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Association Executives, Nelson Janes
Association Presidents, Leadership Forum, REALTOR® Steve Rosco
Award Selection, REALTOR® Larry Fargher
C.A.R. Past Presidents, REALTOR® Ann Pettijohn
C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation/C.A.R. Education Foundation, REALTOR® Mary Jane Cambria
California REALTOR® Expo Advisory, REALTOR® James Ezell
Common Interest Development,  REALTOR® Susan Tilling
Communications Advisory, REALTOR® Jeannie Anderson
Credentials, REALTOR® Marie Thomas
CREPAC Trustees, REALTOR® Marian Norris
Defense Strategy Advisory, REALTOR® Annette Graw
Educational Services Advisory,  REALTOR® Lois Kadosh
Equal Opportunity-Cultural Diversity, REALTOR® Raymond Rodriguez
Executive, REALTOR® William E. Brown
Federal Issues, REALTOR® J. Michael Roberts
Housing Affordability Fund, REALTOR® Pat "Ziggy" Zicarelli
Housing Opportunity, REALTOR® LeFrancis Arnold
IMPAC Trustees, REALTOR® Heather Brown
International Real Estate Forum, REALTOR® Anne Thai
Land Use & Environmental, REALTOR® Liz Fitzgerald
Legal Action Fund Trustees, REALTOR® Kathy Mehringer
Legal Affairs Forum, REALTOR® Clay Sigg
Legislative, REALTOR® William Jansen
Local Governmental Relations, REALTOR® Leslie McBride
Manufactured Housing, REALTOR® David Hale
Membership, REALTOR® Cheryl McFall
MLS/Computer & Business Technology, REALTOR® John Hickey
N.A.R. Directors Forum, REALTOR® William E. Brown
Nominating, REALTOR® Jim Hamilton
Political Activities Fund, REALTOR® Jean Tietgen
Political Affairs, REALTOR® Rick Violett
Professional Standards, REALTOR® Alicia Nuzzo
Property Management, REALTOR® Kevin Brown
Real Estate Finance, REALTOR® Patricia Bouie Hinds
REALTOR® Risk Management and Consumer Protection, REALTOR® Wes Seastrom
REALTORS® Commercial Alliance Commercial Investment, REALTOR® George Monte
Regional Chairs, REALTOR® James Liptak
Rural Forum, REALTOR® Larry Matteson
Sergeant-at-Arms, REALTOR® Larry Fargher
Standard Forms Advisory, REALTOR® Anita Thede
Strategic Planning & Finance, REALTOR® Beth Peerce
Taxation, REALTOR® Skip Zeleny

2007 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Malcolm Bennett, Federal Issues Committee
Steve Goddard, Legislative Committee
Greg Haas, IMPAC Trustees
Tim Muetterties, C.A.R. Housing Affordability Fund

2006 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Association Executives: Mary Rovarino
Association Presidents, Leadership Forum: Jeannie Anderson
Award Selection: Richard Sax
C.A.R. Past Presidents: Robert Bailey
C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation/C.A.R. Education Foundation: Emily Link
California REALTOR® Expo Advisory: Richard Stone
Commercial Investment: Gill Bordenave
Common Interest Development: Dona Crowder
Communications Advisory: Rita Sahlein
Credentials: Karen Nelson
CREPAC Trustees: John Scarborough
Defense Strategy Advisory: Bob Hunt
Educational Services Advisory:  Sue Walsh
Equal Opportunity-Cultural Diversity: Kelvin Wong
Federal Issues: Ann Throckmorton
Housing Affordability Fund: Sereta Churchill
Housing Opportunity: Nancy Troxell
IMPAC Trustees: Steve White
International Real Estate Forum: Kaela von Laue
Land Use & Environmental: Jim Irving
Legal Action Fund Trustees: Suzanne Yost
Legal Affairs Forum: Karen Halladay
Legislative: Steve Hanleigh
Local Governmental Relations: Mel Wilson
Manufactured Housing: Scott Swendiman
Membership: Bobbie Nelson
MLS/Computer & Business Technology: David R. Tanner
N.A.R. Directors Forum: Vince Malta
Nominating: Toby Bradley
Political Activities Fund: Mary Funk
Political Affairs: Dennis Mason
Professional Standards: Kathryn Kelly
Property Management: Curt Cournale
Real Estate Finance: J. Michael Roberts
REALTOR® Risk Management and Consumer Protection: Lewis Cantrell
Regional Chairs: Colleen Badagliacco
Rural Forum: Susan Davis
Sergeant-at-Arms: Larry Fargher
Standard Forms Advisory: David Cabot
Strategic Planning & Finance: James Liptak
Taxation: Ray Karpe

2005 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Kevin Brown, Legislative Committee
Sandi Pfister, IMPAC Trustees
Rick Violett, CREPAC Trustees

2004 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Association Executives: Sandy Haney    
Association Presidents, Leadership Forum: Bill Brown
Award Selection: Carolyn D'Agosta
California REALTOR® EXPO Advisory: Marie Thomas
C.A.R. Leadership Development Forum: Curt Cournale
C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation Trustees: Mark Consalvo
Commercial Investment: Bob Rosenberg       
Common Interest Development:Malcolm Bennett     
Communications Advisory: Bill Podley       
Credentials: Ann Bracci
CREPAC Trustees: Paula Colombo
Educational Services Advisory: Mickey Knickerbocker     
Equal Opportunity- Cultural Diversity: Ron Burkhart   
Federal Issues: John Cribb        
Housing Opportunity: Marjorie McLaughlin
Housing AffordabilityFund: Ben Heinrich
IMPAC Trustees: Matt Giacalone        
International Real Estate Forum: Dianne Rath       
Land Use and Environmental: Art Nellessen       
Legal Action Fund Trustees: Kevin Walsh
Legal Affairs Forum: Bill Jansen
Legislative: Beth Sommer Peerce
Local Governmental Relations: Virginia Butler
Manufactured Housing: Kay LeMenager     
Membership: Betty Taisch
MLS/Computer and Business Technology: Bob Hart
Nominating: Gary Thomas
Political Activities Fund: Candice Carpenter
Political Affairs Committee: Mary Funk       
Professional Standards: Darrell Sparks
Property Management: Bill Horne
Real Estate Finance: Greg Galli       
REALTOR® Risk Management and Consumer Protection Forum: Bob Curtis       
Regional Chairs: Jim Hamilton
Rural Forum: Carol Banner
Sergeant at Arms: Larry Fargher
Standard Forms Advisory: Judith Myers    
Strategic Planning and Finance: Colleen Badagliacco    
Taxation: J. Michael Roberts

2003 Outstanding Committee Chairs
John Cribb, Insurance Availability Task Force
Bill Horne, Housing Affordability Committee
Bill Sloan, MLS/Computer and Business Technology Committee

2002 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Bill Brown, CREPAC Trustees
Chris Kutzkey, Standard Forms Advisory Committee
Steve White, California REALTOR® EXPO Advisory Committee

2001 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Barry Burnett, Legislative Committee
Art Nellessen, CREPAC Trustees
Sandy Weisberg, Standard Forms Advisory Committee

2000 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Jim Hamilton, Legislative Committee
Jeanette Henderson, Affordable Housing Committee
Gwynne Hodge, Membership Committee
Chuck Lamb, C.A.R. Leadership Development Forum

1999 Outstanding Committee Chairs
Will Elliott, Risk Management Institute Advisory Committee
Jim Liptak, Federal Issues Committee
Judy Zeigler, Association Presidents Leadership Forum

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