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Month/Yr CA (SA) SF Bay Area So CA Central Valley
Oct 2015 117.3 164.2 94.6 88.5
Nov 2015 118.5 135.4 85.7 84.2
Dec 2015 115.8 93.5 69.4 65.0
Jan 2016 107.4 106.5 76.4 72.7
Feb 2016 113.5 145.2 97.9 86.2
Mar 2016 112.5 179.2 115.4 96.3
Apr 2016 122.8 170.0 109.4 130.2
May 2016 123.0 177.9 112.1 111.3
Jun 2016 119.0 148.9 113.6 101.0
Jul 2016 122.5 143.3 111.5 102.9
Aug 2016 121.3 149.2 103.4 105.2
Sep 2016 127.7 152.2 98.7 110.5
Oct 2016 119.1 145.1 101.0 84.2
Nov 2016 114.4 118.8 89.1 80.3
Dec 2016 117.7 80.2 74.8 65.0
Jan 2017 107.2 96.2 82.6 67.0
Feb 2017 110.6 130.6 95.2 76.3
Mar 2017 107.4 161.0 113.9 91.0
Apr 2017 113.7 141.0 106.3 115.6
May 2017 118.7 168.1 114.6 113.7
Jun 2017 120.4 148.0 116.4 106.2
Jul 2017 119.4 126.9 113.1 102.6
Aug 2017 117.0 131.8 99.5 104.8
Sep 2017 120.0 135.8 91.7 109.8
Oct 2017 116.0 129.9 93.7 88.6

C.A.R.’s pending sales information is generated from a survey of more than 70 associations of REALTORS® and MLSs throughout the state.  Pending home sales are forward-looking indicators of future home sales activity, offering solid information on future changes in the direction of the market.  A sale is listed as pending after a seller has accepted a sales contract on a property.  The majority of pending home sales usually becomes closed sales transactions one to two months later.  The year 2008 was used as the benchmark for the Pending Homes Sales Index.  An index of 100 is equal to the average level of contract activity during 2008.

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