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All Approved Panel Mediators as of May 2024

For most up-to-date information, please submit your dispute in Caseload Manager.

DO NOT CONTACT MEDIATOR DIRECTLY. All mediations must be filed directly with our Center and questions for mediators pre-assignment should be arranged with our Center. See mediator profiles linked below for further details.


 All offer online services. In-person office location listed, if applicable. Hourly Rate
Afsar, Amir H., Esq. Palm Desert $450/hr, 5-hour minimum
Andersen, Robert T., Esq. Online Only $250/hr
Berman, Scott  Westlake Village $390/hr

 Bollard, William C., Esq. 

Irvine  $450/hr
Borner, Craig S. San Clemente $350/hr
Buccieri, Robert, Esq. Burlingame $425/hr
Carlson, Mark, Esq. Woodland Hills $450/hr
Castagnola, Joe, Esq. Online Only $400/hr
Cherry, James J., Esq.

$400/hr (two parties), $450/hr (three+ parties)

Christopherson, Dean A., Esq. Online Only $350/hr
Cook, Russell D., Esq.   Fresno $400/hr

Corsaut, Matthew A., Esq.

Sacramento, Rancho Cordova and Folsom $350/hr
Cripe, Donald B., Esq.   Online Only $475/hr
 Daunt, Philip J., Esq.  Monterey $400/hr
DiJulio, David, Esq.   Los Angeles and Glendale $400/hr
Exon, Susan Nauss, Esq. San Luis Obispo and Riverside  $500/hr, 5-hour minimum
Fassberg, WendyEsq.   Calabasas and Encino $500/hr
 Friedlander, Dan, Esq.  Ventura and Los Angeles Counties 


Garcia, Steven RayEsq.    Pasadena $396/hr
Garemore, Margaret   Pasadena, Monrovia, La Canada, Glendora and other office locations in Southern California $400/hr, 5-hour minimum 
Goetz, Gisele, Esq.   Santa Barbara $450/hr
Goode, Thomas B., Esq.  San Diego  $400/hr
Graceffa, Deb, Esq. Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Solano, San Mateo and San Francisco counties


Green, Geri, Esq. San Francisco $550/hr
 Gruber, Allen M., Esq. San Diego/La Mesa  $450/hr (two parties), $550/hr (three+ parties)
Hare, Jeffrey B., Esq.
San Jose $400/hr
 Hazelton, M. Troy, Esq. Fresno  $225/hr
Hildreth, Jim W.
Sonora and Oakland $350/hr
Hyman, Andrew, Esq. Online Only $350/hr
Jacobs, Robert B., Esq. Conference space available in all service areas $600/hr
Jorgensen, Jeanne, Esq. Irvine $375/hr
Karp, Steven
Burlingame $300/hr
Kass-Moreno, Laura, Esq  San Diego and Vista $500/hr
Kermani, Samira, Esq. Online Only $365/hr 
Kharrat, Hamid City of Tustin $275/hr
Lai, Edward, Esq.
Oakland $495/hr
Lepley, Stephen C., Esq.  Online Only $325/hr
Lucas, Devin R., Esq. Newport Beach $375/hr
Lutringer, Richard, Esq.   Palm Springs and Palm Desert $300/hr

Lynch, Kenneth, Esq.

 Carlsbad, North County Coastal $300/hr
Makin, Cynthia Cashman, Esq. Irvine, Downtown Los Angeles and La Jolla $450/hr
Marks, E. David, Esq.
Mountain View $600/hr
McDermott, Doug, Esq. Santa Monica  $550/hr
Menard, Jean-Paul, Esq.  Downtown Los Angeles  $395/hr 
Mirabel, Christine E., Esq.  Los Angeles  $350/hr 
Moss, Roger A., Esq. Online Only $350/hr (5-hour minimum with no counsel, 8-hour minimum with counsel)
Nguyen, Jimmy, Esq.
Online Only


Notaro, Michael R., Esq. Alameda $325/hr
Oken, David H., Esq. Century City $350/hr
Pagliassotti, John  Downtown Los Angeles and City of Orange $350/hr
Parker, Banyan, Esq. Santa Rosa $400/hr

Price, Jim, Esq.

Online Only $275/hr
Rosenberg, Steven, Esq.
Affiliated offices in all Service Area counties

$500/hr (two parties), $530/hr (three+ parties)

 Ross, Barry, Esq. Online Only $550/hr
Sanders, Gary, Esq. San Francisco $375/hr
Sanford, Lori B., Esq.   Palm Desert $525/hr
Sarni, Mark J., Esq.   Torrance $400/hr
Scheg, Nathan, Esq.
Offices in all Service Area Counties $425/hr
Schlueter, David S., Esq.   Westlake Village $500/hr
Schoemaker, Charles, Esq.   Palm Springs, Rancho Cucamonga and Monrovia $400/hr
Schwartz, Allan, Esq.
San Francisco $275/hr
Sheikh, Nisa   San Diego $250/hr
Sher, Malcolm, Esq.
Office space available in all Service Areas

$350/hr ($4,000 deposit)

Shultz, Joan  Los Angeles and Camarillo  $290/hr
Smith, Harold Peter, Esq.
Oakland $650/hr
Sotomayor, Rande, Esq.   Pasadena $600/hr
Spile, Steven, Esq.  Encino, Los Angeles and Temecula $375/hr (two parties online), $450/hr (three+ parties online), $450/hr (two parties in person), $550/hr (three+ parties in person)
Sterling, Ken, Esq.   Los Angeles and Santa Barbara $300/hr (online), $350/hr (in-person)
Stine, Joseph, L., Esq. Carlsbad $490/hr
 Sullivan, James (Jim)  Downtown Los Angeles $450/hr
Tabibian, Shirley   San Diego $300/hr
Tessier-Gluzerman, Denise M., Esq.   Palm Springs, El Toro and Fullerton $300/hr
 Trester, Fredric W., Esq.  Los Angeles and Irvine $450/hr
 Trott, Dominic   Marina del Rey $400/hr
Van Vleck, Kenneth R., Esq. Mountain View $600/hr

Vencill, William C., Esq.

Lafayette $400/hr
Wallack, Gordon Reid, Esq.   Online Only $400/hr
Weiner, Gary, Esq.  Sebastopol

$475/hr ($4,500 deposit)

The hourly rate for the first two hours for all mediators is $200 per hour. All mediators require a minimum of 4 hours of mediation time, unless otherwise noted in their profile. See Fees & Costs for general fee requirements that apply to all mediations. See mediator profile for full details.

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