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IN-PERSON Legislative Day 2022 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

As California continues to confront the effects of the pandemic, C.A.R. is still laying the groundwork for a productive and motivating

IN-PERSON Legislative Day on April 27th, 2022.

Legislative Day Scholarship Program

C.A.R.’s Legislative Day Scholarship program is back. This program was designed to help local associations bring new members to Legislative Day who have never experienced it before. The associations can be reimbursed a certain amount for bringing these “first-timers” to Sacramento for Legislative Day and the money can be used to help underwrite travel, hotel, and meals.

AOR Submission Form
 (For local staff only) 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Local associations identify and recruit “never been to Legislative Day” REALTORS®. They must be able to participate in the Legislative Day 101 webinar on either April 12th at 9am or April 13th at 1:00pm, and attend both the Morning Briefing and the office visit itself at Legislative Day on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

  2. Local associations will submit their Scholarship names to C.A.R. between March 9th and April 13th using the Scholarship Registration form. Email the completed form to Mandy Morello at [email protected].  We only have a certain number of registrations we can accommodate, so registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you by April 15 of who has been registered. Any names submitted who we can’t register initially will be put on a wait list determined by when their name is submitted. Again, we will notify you if we are able to reimburse for that REALTOR®.

  3. After Legislative Day, you just submit the final form, certifying that those registered attended the Morning Briefing and the office visit. C.A.R. will send your association a check and then you reimburse your members as appropriate.



March 9– initial registration open
April 13– registration closes
April 12 at 9:00am or April 13 at 1:00pm – Legislative Day 101 webinar. JUST ATTEND ONE.
Register for the Legislative Day 101 Webinar: Choose either April 12th OR April 13
April 27 – Legislative Day
June 3 – deadline to submit final reimbursement form to C.A.R.

The fine print:
  1. Only REALTORS® can be registered for this program.
  2. The AOR is responsible for determining if the member they are registering has attended Legislative Day previously.
  3. All members attending Legislative Day through this program must agree to attend the Legislative Day 101 webinar prior to Legislative Day and at least two leadership training events AFTER Legislative Day conducted via conference call and webinar.
  4. All members attending Legislative Day through this program must attend the Morning Briefing and the office visit to be eligible.
  5. The amount of the scholarship is determined by the distance between the local association’s office and the Sacramento Convention Center as listed in MapQuest.
  6. Scholarship funds CANNOT be used to reimburse members for contributing to the REALTOR® Action Fund. If they wish to attend the Capitol Reception, they must be contributors to RAF, and again, they cannot legally be reimbursed for contributing.
  7. C.A.R. will reimburse the association and the individual association is responsible for reimbursing the member if the member paid out of pocket.
  8. Reimbursable expenses include mileage, airfare, bus rental, meals, lodging.
  9. For those associations over 250 miles away from Sacramento, we have set aside two spots for each association over 1000 members and one spot for each association with under 1000 members. You must submit your names by April 13th, or you will lose those slots. All unused slots will go to those on the waiting list beginning April18 is submitted. Again, we will notify you if we are able to reimburse for that REALTOR®.
For associations over 250 miles away from Sacramento:

We have set aside two spots for each association over 1000 members, and one spot for each association with under 1000 members. You must submit your names by April 13th or you will lose those slots.

Scholarship Awards

AOR  Scholarship Submission Form- (For local staff only) 

Amount C.A.R. will reimburse per member who has not previously attended Legislative Day
(Distance is determined between the physical address of the member’s AOR and the Sacramento Convention Center as given by Mapquest.)

Less than 50 miles Up to $50
51-150 miles Up to $100
151 miles-250 miles Up to $150
Greater than 250 miles Up to $225

To view which category your Local Association is in, click here.


NEW - LPN Legislative Day Latino Scholarship 

C.A.R.’s Latino Professionals Network (LPN) Leg Day Scholarship is an additional opportunity to help fund Leg Day participation for Latino REALTORS. Currently, C.A.R.’s Board of Directors is just 6.3% Latino even though 14.8% of C.A.R.’s members and 39.4% of California are Latino. 

The LPN Leg Day Scholarship has the same general requirements as C.A.R.’s general Legislative Day Scholarship and offers additional funding to encourage Latino and LPN Leg Day participation. Please designate your members listed that are applying for LPN Scholarship funds.

Total funds:  $4500

Amount per scholarship: 

Less than 50 miles Up to $50
51-150 miles Up to $100
151 miles-250 miles Up to $150
Greater than 250 miles Up to $225

Who qualifies:  First time Leg Day attendees within the LPN community.  

How dispersed: Via local associations. First come first serve basis. 

Requirements of attendees: Attend morning briefing - 9am start, lawmaker office visit, Leg Day 101 webinar (Virtual)

For questions about C.A.R.’s Latino Professionals Network (LPN) or the  LPN Legislative Day  Scholarship, contact Farrah Wilder at [email protected]


If you have any further questions please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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