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C.A.R. Opposes AB 2925

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C.A.R. Opposes AB 2925:
It Creates an Unworkable Standard for Terminating Tenancies.


Contact your Assemblymember Today!


C.A.R. OPPOSES AB 2925 (Bonta), which will require all residential rental property owners statewide to prove in court a “cause” when terminating a tenancy. C.A.R. OPPOSES AB 2925 because it makes it extremely difficult to remove troublesome tenants, dangerous tenants, and even tenants engaged in illegal activity. AB 2925 was just approved by the Assembly Judiciary Committee and could be voted on by the entire Assembly as soon as this Thursday.



Current law allows property owners to terminate a tenancy in non-rent-controlled jurisdictions as long as the appropriate legal notice is given to the tenants. This proves helpful because troublesome, dangerous tenants, as well as tenants engaged in illegal activity, need to be removed to protect their neighbors.


AB 2925 will require property owners to prove in court that there is “cause” to end the tenancy. And, under AB 2925, owners could not end tenancies, even resulting from a change in ownership of a property, or at the end of a fixed-term lease. This, in effect, prevents someone from purchasing a property and moving into it.


AB 2925 is also bad for good tenants with bad neighbors because it makes it more difficult to evict tenants involved in illegal activity.

Action Item

Please get back to Deann or Rian with any information on how your legislator intends to vote.





  • It makes it difficult to evict dangerous tenants. It is often difficult to prove that illegal or gang activity is occurring because those affected are reluctant, even scared, to testify in court. AB 2925 prevents landlords from easily protecting good tenants by removing those who pose a threat.


  • It will cause endless litigation and delay. AB 2925, while requiring that property owners prove a “cause” before terminating a lease, doesn’t define what a “cause” might be. That ambiguity invites abuses of the legal system so that any tenant could avoid termination.


  • It prevents new owners from moving in. The majority of California’s rental units are located within small properties and owned by “mom and pop” landlords who depend on these properties for their retirement.When someone purchases one of these properties, they often move into one of the units. AB 2925 would prevent that.


  • The law already protects tenants from unjust evictions. There are already strong protections in place to protect tenants from retaliatory or discriminatory evictions. AB 2925 simply prevents property owners from protecting good tenants and removing bad ones, as well as preventing owners from occupying their own property.



For More Information

Please contact DeAnn Kerr at deannk@car.org or  Rian Barrett at rianb@car.org.


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