January/February 2019

January 01, 2019

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January/February 2019


January/February 2019

What's Inside This Issue

The Votes Are In
Here’s how the 2018 elections will impact real estate in California.

Tax Confusion, Begone!
Robert Bloom, senior counsel at C.A.R., tackles your biggest tax questions.

Change Is (Still) a Comin’
The market is shifting, the industry is changing, and REALTORS® need to be ready.

Watch Out World: These Stars Are on the Rise
Meet the future of California real estate: C.A.R.’s Rising Stars!

UPDATE: The Internal Revenue Service has issued final rules on the 20 percent qualified business income deduction. Previously, real estate brokers and agents were not eligible for the QBI deduction if their taxable income was above $157,500 for single filers or $315,000 for joint filers (with a phase out over a range of $50,000 for single filers or $100,000 for joint filers). Now they may be eligible. If incomes go above those amounts, however, the QBI deduction would be based on a formula that looks at wages paid and depreciable business property. See the Q&A “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — Highlights and In Depth” for more information.


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Coming Next Issue

Next issue, we’re doing a deep dive into the current state of the California housing crisis: Where are houses currently being built, and what policy changes might encourage more development? We’ll also take a look at the rise of Gen Z as homebuyers. Plus, we catch up with Mike Deasy and George Penner of deasy penner podley to talk design, chemistry and why storytelling matters in real estate.

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