March/April 2019

March 15, 2019

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March/April 2019


March/April 2019

What's Inside This Issue

Your 2019 Ad Campaign
Explore the consumer ad campaign designed to raise awareness of the REALTOR® brand.

Getting Local With It
Local changes could pave the way for statewide results when it comes to solving California’s housing crisis.

Next Up, Gen Z
Move over, millennials: Gen Z is on the rise and they’ve got their eyes on homeownership.


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Coming Next Issue

Next issue, we’re exploring the vast and fast-paced world of venture capital investments in real estate technology (proptech). Did you know $11.2 billion was invested in real estate technology in 2018 alone? We’ll investigate where that money’s going — and why. Plus, members share their personal stories of homeownership, and we take a look at how the markets in Paradise and Ventura are recovering from last year’s wildfires.

May/June 2019

Mailed : May 10, 2019

Arrival : May 22, 2019

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