January/February 2020

January 01, 2020

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January/February 2020

JanuaryFebruary 2020

January/February 2020

What's Inside This Issue

Where Are We Headed?
Some of the most influential leaders across real estate share their predictions for the next decade of the industry.


New on the Books
A slate of new laws went into effect on January 1, 2020. Be sure you understand how they will affect your business.

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Coming Next Issue

In the March/April 2020 issue, we fill you in on the industry’s biggest disruptors: the rising powers, the newcomers and the ones who’ve closed up shop. Plus, learn why all REALTORS® should care about the 2020 Census and hear from Sean Black, co-founder and CEO of Knock, on his company’s approach to changing consumer demands.

March/April 2020

Mailed : March 13, 2020

Arrival : March 25, 2020

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