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*We recommend you file your Request to Mediate online for fast processing (within 1 business day). Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing mailed requests. If you will be mailing a request, please contact our office at [email protected] prior to sending your submission.*

To initiate the mediation process, if you and the other party(ies) to the mediation have pre-committed to mediation (you have signed an agreement that contains a mediation clause) and you are ready to begin the mediation process, take these steps: 

For Online Submission: Complete Form RM, Request to Mediate and submit the $500 non-refundable filing fee online now. We have recently launched a new Case Management software. If you have any problems submitting your request form, please contact Elizabeth Lesser at 213-739-8261.

For Mailed Submission: Contact our office at [email protected] prior to sending your submission.


Once your completed Form RM and filing fee have been received, your request will be processed as follows:

What to Expect Where the Parties Have Agreed on Selection of Mediator

If the parties have already agreed to a mediator, we will submit your Request to Mediate to the selected mediator to first confirm that there is no conflict that prevents the mediator from accepting the mediation. Once the mediator confirms acceptance of the matter, you will be contacted directly by the mediator to begin the scheduling process, sign additional documents, and arrange payment of deposits and submission of further details about your dispute to the mediator. You can expect to receive confirmation of acceptance of the matter by the mediator within three business days in most cases. Under the C.A.R. Mediation Center rules, the mediator generally has 20 calendar days for the scheduling process. Please refer to the Rules & Policies for full details. If you have not been contacted within one week of confirmation of assignment to the mediator, please contact us at [email protected]. Always include the address of the property that is the subject of your dispute in all correspondence.

What to Expect Where the Parties Have NOT Agreed on Selection of Mediator

If the parties have not already selected a mediator, we will provide the other party(ies) to the dispute with notice of your Request to Mediate and proposed mediator. They will be provided with a deadline of seven business days to reply. You will receive a copy of this notice via email. We will send this notice by U.S. mail and email whenever these contacts are provided in the Request to Mediate. If the other party to your dispute fails to respond to the Notice of Request to Mediate, we will confirm this to you via email with a copy to the other party. This will serve as documentation of your attempt to mediate your dispute. If the other party responds, we will begin coordinating the mediation as provided above.

Please direct any questions via email to [email protected] and always include the address of the property that is the subject of your dispute in the subject line. Alternatively, you may leave a voice message at 213-739-8376 and in almost all cases receive a same day reply. Thank you and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you to mediate your dispute.

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