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C.A.R.'s Legal Department, on a regular basis, creates legal articles for our members. These articles frequently are in question and answer format and are currently available on over 150 subjects in 50-plus categories. Sample topics are advertising, arbitration and mediation, broker practice, cold calling, contract issues, landlord-tenant law, procuring cause, real estate disclosures, and many more.

Search for a document below or click on the blue column header to sort the table in ascending or descending order.

**Click to install Acrobat Reader , a free downloadable software that will enable members to read any PDF files below, such as the disclosure charts and the foreign language articles.

If you need legal advice from an attorney and you are a member of C.A.R., please visit the Legal Hotline page and complete the form.

Recently, the membership of C.A.R. has increased tremendously with thousands of new real estate licensees joining the ranks of those contacting the Legal Hotline for free legal advice. As a result, the Legal Hotline is flooded with calls, faxes, and e-mail requests. Unfortunately that may mean a delay of several days before receiving a phone call from one of the real estate attorneys on our staff. Our call center representatives who answer the phones, process your requests and forward them to the attorneys would greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.



Category Title Date
AdvertisingAdvertising06/19/2017 (revised)
AdvertisingAdvertising Your Services: Required Name and License Information06/21/2017 (revised)
AdvertisingDo-Not-Call, Do-Not-Fax, Do-Not-Email Laws Affecting REALTORS®02/13/2014 (revised)
AdvertisingLotteries and Raffles07/08/2016 (revised)
AdvertisingMAP Rule - Mortgage Acts and Practices Advertising Rule03/06/2017 (revised)
AdvertisingOnline Privacy Laws Affecting REALTORS®07/08/2016 (revised)
AdvertisingRegulation Z Advertising Disclosures06/15/2016 (revised)
Advertising Serving Alcohol at an Open House 07/07/2017 
AdvertisingShort Sale Advertising08/08/2016 (revised)
AdvertisingSigns: Can They Be Regulated?11/19/2015 (revised)
AdvertisingSubdivision Advertising 02/23/2017 
AdvertisingTeam Names05/26/2017 (revised)
AdvertisingUse of the Term "Sold,"08/30/2016 (revised)
AgencyAgency Law Summary Chart01/13/2015 (revised)
AgencyAgency Disclosure and Confirmation; and Agency Law Summary Chart01/13/2015 (revised)
AppraisalAppraisal Reports: The Consumer's Right of Access08/04/2016 (revised)
Arbitration & MediationArbitration for the Consumer05/13/2012 (revised)
Arbitration & MediationC.A.R. Interboard Arbitration04/01/2016 (revised)
Arbitration & MediationThe Duty to Arbitrate When REALTORS® Are Acting Solely as Principals in a Real Estate Transaction07/29/2016 (revised)
Arbitration & MediationMediation for the Consumer10/26/2012 (revised)
Arbitration & MediationPrivate Arbitration and Mediation for Your Clients07/28/2016 (revised - includes links to providers of arbitration and mediation services)
Board of REALTORS®C.A.R. Bylaws (bylaws for the California Association of REALTORS®),10/01/2016
Board of REALTORS®California Model Bylaws Word document08/15/2016
Board of REALTORS®Limited Service Brokers and Open Listings10/21/2016
Board of REALTORS®NAR Lockbox Policy03/24/2004 (revised)
Board of REALTORS®Variable Dues Formula01/26/2016 (revised)
Board of REALTORS®Virtual Office Websites ("VOWs")02/12/2016
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesAdministration Fees under RESPA and the Unfair Competition Law11/07/2012 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesArbitration Clause Added to Independent Contrator Agreement02/10/2015
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesCalBRE Record Retention Requirements07/24/2014
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesChanging Offices:Transfer of Listings & Buyers, and Procedures for Changing Brokerage03/31/2014
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesDuty of Cooperating Broker to "Cooperate"07/14/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office Issues Employee Notice of Asbestos and Prop 65 Warnings03/31/2017 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesEmployer/Employee Relationship: Labor Issues Affecting REALTORS®09/21/2012 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesErrors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance for REALTORS®06/23/2011 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesEthical Issues to Consider When Dealing With Prospective Buyers07/14/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesFictitious Business Names and Team Names09/15/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesIndependent Contractor Agreement and Tax Issues (under revision)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesIndependent Contractor or Employee?07/26/2012 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesIndependent Contractor Reporting to the California EDD01/23/2013 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesImplementing a Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program: Suggestions for Real Estate Offices07/14/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesMaintenance Workers of the Property Manager: Employee or Independent Contractor?08/21/2012 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesOnline Privacy Laws Affecting REALTORS®07/08/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesProtect Your Brokerage from Cybercrime10/14/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesRange Pricing07/18/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesRecord Retention: How Long You Should Keep Documents09/01/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesThe Right Business Entity for the Real Estate Professional: FAQs & Chart10/24/2012 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesTeam Names05/26/2017 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesTrust Funds07/20/2016 (revised)
Broker Practices & Real Estate Office IssuesWorkers' Compensation07/18/2016 (revised)
CommissionsCommissions07/21/2016 (revised)
CommissionsBroker Compensation Under the C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA)04/14/2016 (revised)
CommissionsMLS Offers of Compensation on Short Sales10/31/2012 (revised)
CommissionsConditional Offers of Compensation03/14/2016 (revised)
CommissionsProcuring Cause Guidelines05/12/2016
Contracts and Forms2014 RPA Major Relocations11/05/2014 PDF document
Contracts and FormsBuyer Representation Agreements (C.A.R. Forms BRE, BRNE, BRNN)09/02/2014 (revised)
Contracts and FormsBuyer Representation Agreements: Q&A for Consumers09/02/2014 (revised)
Contracts and FormsContingencies and Contingency Removal03/14/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsContract Law and Real Estate Transactions07/22/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsCounter Offer Forms (C.A.R. Forms SCO, BCO and SMCO)03/15/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsEscalation Clauses05/1/2014
Contracts and FormsHow a Seller May Cancel a Purchase Agreement:Checklist and Q&A07/14/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsLimited Service Brokers and Open Listings10/21/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsLiquidated Damages and Deposit Disputes04/7/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsNovember 2014 Changes to the RPA10/8/2014
Contracts and FormsOption Contracts and Leases with Option to Purchase07/28/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsRequest for Repair and Use of the RR and RRRR Forms06/16/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsResidential Listing and Commission Agreements 07/7/2017 (revised)
Contracts and FormsRPA Timeline of Events (RPA-CA)03/25/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsSeller Property Questionnaire: Summary of C.A.R. Form SPQ12/16/2015 (revised)
Contracts and FormsC.A.R. Forms and Copyright Law01/25/2017 (revised)
Contracts and FormsStandard Forms and Legal Q&A Correlation Chart06/13/2013 (revised)
Contracts and FormsUse of an "As Is" Clause03/18/2016 (revised)
Contracts and FormsWood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspections, Reports and Repairs02/25/2015
CopyrightCopyright Issues For REALTORS® 04/05/2017 (revised)
CopyrightC.A.R. Forms and Copyright Law01/25/2017 (revised)
DisastersEarthquake Insurance Issues01/27/2017 (revised)
DisastersEarthquake or Other Disaster-Related Landlord-Tenant Issues09/01/2016 (revised)
DisastersFirestorms: Basic Real Estate Legal Issues01/27/2017 (revised)
DisastersRain Storms in California: Basic Real Estate Legal Issues08/10/2016 (revised)
DisclosureCarbon Monoxide Detectors07/28/2016 (revised)
DisclosureCondominium or Other Common Interest Development Disclosures04/02/2014 (revised)
DisclosureDisclosure Issues Related to Residential Care Facilities and Day Care Homes03/07/2014 (revised)
DisclosureDisclosure of Death and AIDS and the Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of AIDS08/03/2016 (revised)
DisclosureDisclosure of the Existence of a Domestic Violence Shelter and Other Residential Care Facilities07/29/2016 (revised)
DisclosureEnergy Use Disclosure for Nonresidential Buildings11/13/2015 (revised)
DisclosureFederal Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosures01/26/2017 (revised)
DisclosureGuide to Loan Disclosures10/22/2015 (revised)
DisclosureLead-Based Paint Renovation Rule07/12/2016 (revised)
DisclosureLease-Rental Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®12/19/2014 (revised)
DisclosureMegan's Law: Disclosure of Registered Sex Offenders03/22/2017 (revised)
DisclosureMello-Roos District and 1915 Bond Act Disclosure Requirements08/10/2016 (revised)
DisclosureNatural Hazard Disclosure Statement 03/02/2017 (revised)
DisclosureNew Home (Residential One-to-Four Units) Disclosure Chart01/30/2017(revised)
DisclosurePrivate Transfer Fees03/02/2017 (revised)
DisclosureReal Estate Licensee's Duty to Inspect Residential Property03/30/2017 (revised)
DisclosureREO Disclosure Chart12/19/2014 (revised)
DisclosureSales Disclosure Chart for REALTORS® 12/19/2014 (revised)
DisclosureSeller Property Questionnaire: Summary of C.A.R. Form SPQ12/16/2015 (revised)
DisclosureSmoke Alarm Requirements11/26/2013 (revised)
DisclosureSummary Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®12/19/2014 (revised)
DisclosureTransfer Disclosure Statement Exemptions07/14/2016 (revised)
DisclosureTransfer Disclosure Statement Law11/27/2013 (revised)
DisclosureWater-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures12/08/2016 (revised)
DisclosureWater Heater Bracing and Disclosure Requirements09/02/2016 (revised)
Environmental HazardsWarning of Defective Furnaces09/02/2016 (revised)
Environmental HazardsLead-Based Paint Renovation Rule07/12/2016 (revised)
Environmental HazardsGiving Notice to Employees About the Presence of Asbestos07/14/2016 (revised)
Environmental HazardsHome Environmental Hazards (Brief Overview)04/04/2011 (revised)
Environmental HazardsMold and Its Impact on Real Estate Transactions12/23/2015 (revised)
Environmental HazardsRadon and the Radon Certification Program08/23/2016 (revised)
Fair HousingSenior Housing Summary02/10/2017 (revised)
FinancingBalloon Payment Notices and Restrictions,07/29/2016 (revised)
FinancingCredit After Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Short Sale12/28/2016 (revised)
FinancingDouble-Whammy: Due-On-Sale With Prepayment Penalty Prohibition09/19/2016 (revised)
FinancingDue-on-Sale Provisions in Loans01/27/2017 (revised)
FinancingEquity Sharing01/26/2017 (revised)
FinancingGood Faith Estimate and HUD-1 Statements10/09/2015 (revised)
FinancingGuide to Loan Disclosures10/29/2012
FinancingLoan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Forms08/19/2015 (revised)
FinancingMortgage Fraud: Avoiding Price Inflation and Other Schemes08/25/2016 (revised)
FinancingMortgage Loan Activities 08/15/2016 (revised)
FinancingNotice of Loan Extension, Refinancing, or Renegotiation11/29/2016 (revised)
FinancingPACE Programs and Solar Leases01/31/2017 (revised)
FinancingPredatory Lending: the California Covered Loan Law01/30/2017 (revised)
FinancingPredatory Lending: The High Cost Mortgage Disclosure Law03/28/2014 (revised)
FinancingPrivacy of Consumer Financial Information07/13/2016 (revised)
FinancingRegulation Z - Ability to Repay Standard for Loans12/03/2013 (revised)
FinancingRegulation Z - Loan Originator Compensation Requirements05/01/2013
FinancingSeller Financing10/11/2013
FinancingSeller Financing of Real Property: Minimum Interest Rates09/16/2016 (revised)
FinancingUsury Law and the Real Estate Broker Exemption09/19/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesBankruptcy and Real Estate Transactions11/30/2012
Foreclosures and Short SalesCalifornia Homeowner Bill of Rights01/31/2013
Foreclosures and Short SalesCredit After Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or Short Sale12/28/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesDeeds in Lieu of Foreclosure01/27/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesDeficiency Judgments and California Law11/25/2013 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesDeficiency Judgment Chart After Forelcosure01/02/2013 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesForeclosure Scams and the Foreclosure Consultant Law06/13/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesForeclosure Timeline02/16/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesHAFA Short Sales Fact Sheet04/27/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesHAFA Short Sales Time Periods05/03/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesHOA Liens & Assessments FAQ01/08/2014 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesMARS Rules for Short Sales08/05/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesMLS Offers of Compensation on Short Sales10/31/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesNational Mortgage Settlement04/16/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesNotice of Default and Investor-Buyer Transactions: Home Equity Sales Contracts02/24/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesRental Property and Foreclosure09/02/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesREO Disclosure Chart12/30/2015 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesREO Tips For REALTORS®09/09/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesREO Transactions,03/02/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Advertising08/08/2016 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Deficiencies01/27/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Deficiencies Fact Sheet01/20/2012 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Fraud02/21/2013 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Negotiators01/13/2012
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sales10/7/2013 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesShort Sale Tips For REALTORS®02/14/2017 (revised)
Foreclosures and Short SalesTaxation of Foreclosures and Short Sales12/05/2013 (revised)
Homeowners' AssociationsCondominium and Other Common Interest Development Disclosures04/02/2014 (revised)
Homeowners' AssociationsDelinquent HOA Assessments: Liability of Future Owners07/08/2016
Homeowners' AssociationsHOA Liens & Assessments FAQ01/08/2014 (revised)
Homeowners' AssociationsHomeowners' Associations: A Guide for REALTORS®04/14/2014 (revised)
InsuranceErrors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance for REALTORS®06/23/2011 (revised)
InsurancePrivate Mortgage Insurance: Right to Cancel01/27/2017 (revised)
InsuranceTitle Insurance07/09/1999
InsuranceWorkers' Compensation,07/18/2016 (revised)
InternetConducting Corporate Online Meetings08/25/2016 (revised)
InternetElectronic Signatures and Records in Real Estate Transactions05/22/2015 (revised)
InternetFraming on the Internet10/13/2016 (revised)
InternetIDX Internet Data Exchange02/12/2016 (revised)
InternetOnline Privacy Laws Affecting REALTORS®07/8/2016 (revised)
InternetSecurity Breach of Computerized Records Containing Personal Information07/18/2016 (revised)
InternetVirtual Office Websites ("VOWs")02/12/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementLandlord-Tenant Guide for REALTORS®03/22/2017 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementAbandoned Personal Property After Termination of a Tenancy01/14/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementAbandoned Rental Real Property09/02/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementEarthquake or Other Disaster-Related Landlord-Tenant Issues09/01/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementFederal Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosures01/26/2017 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementForeign Investor Property Owner Withholding01/17/2012
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementLandlord's Duty to Provide Security09/09/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementLandlords Must Give Notice to Tenants When Reporting Defaults to Credit Agencies02/10/2017 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementLandlord-Tenant Law: Pets and Service and Support Animals10/01/2015 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementLease/Rental Disclosure Chart for REALTORS®12/30/2015 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementMarijuana Issues for REALTORS®05/18/2017 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementNonresident Property Owner Withholding09/06/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementOption Contracts and Leases with Option to Purchase07/28/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementProperty Management Frequently Asked Questions01/17/2012
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementProperty Managers and the Contractor's Licensing Law08/09/2013
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementRental Property and Foreclosure09/02/2016 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementRequirements When Using Credit Reports/Scores To Screen Tenants05/09/2012 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementResidential Rent Control Relief Law02/28/2017 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementSecurity Deposits12/12/2012 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementUnlawful Detainer: The Eviction Process in California10/31/2011 (revised)
Landlord-Tenant and Property ManagementVacation Rentals04/24/2014
LicensingLicense Application and Renewal for REALTORS® 02/15/2017 (revised)
LicensingLicensing Chart for REALTORS®09/19/2016 (revised)
LicensingLicensing Guide for REALTORS®06/07/2012 (revised)
LicensingLicensing Violations09/19/2016 (revised)
LicensingMortgage Loan Activities 08/15/2016 (revised)
LicensingUnlicensed Assistants04/04/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousBankruptcy and Real Estate Transactions11/30/2012 (revised)
MiscellaneousCommon Real Estate Investment Formulas01/28/2015
MiscellaneousHomesteads01/20/2012 (revised)
MiscellaneousLimited Liability Companies in California09/09/2016 (revised)
MiscellaneousMarijuana Issues for REALTORS®  05/18/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousMember Legal Hotline02/13/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousPACE Programs and Solar Leases01/31/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousRainwater Diversion, Collection and Damage During Escrow12/10/2015
MiscellaneousSB 800: California's Construction Defect Law10/03/2014 (revised)
MiscellaneousServing Alcohol at an Open House
MiscellaneousServicemembers Civil Relief Act03/02/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousSmall Claims Court05/25/2012 (revised)
MiscellaneousSocial Networking02/08/2016 (revised)
MiscellaneousStandard Forms and Legal Q&A Correlation Chart06/13/2011 (revised)
MiscellaneousStatute of Limitations: Deadline on Time to Sue09/26/2014 (revised)
MiscellaneousTen Frequently-Asked Hotline Questions01/27/2017 (revised)
MiscellaneousUsury Law and the Real Estate Broker Exemption09/19/2016 (revised)
MLSCalifornia Model MLS Rules , (Word version word) 02/01/2016 (revised)
MLSDays on Market and Relisting or "Churning" a Listing06/26/2012 (revised)
MLSDesignated REALTORS®/MLS Participant as a Respondent in an Ethics/MLS Rules Violation Complaint06/16/2011 (revised)
MLSGovernment Assessor Access to the MLS10/21/2016 (revised)
MLSMLS Offers of Compensation on Short Sales10/31/2012 (revised)
MLSPocket Listings10/21/2016 (revised)
MLSSubmitting Listings to the MLS04/28/2015 (revised)
MobilehomesMobilehome Dealers to Cooperate on Commissions09/08/2016 (revised)
MobilehomesMobilehomes01/31/2017 (revised)
New Laws2017 New Laws PDF document10/05/2016
New Laws2016 New Laws PDF document10/19/2015
New Laws2015 New Laws10/02/2014
Pest ControlPest Control Service Agreements09/19/2016 (revised)
ProbateAvoiding Probate: Small Estates09/14/2016 (revised)
ProbateProbate Commission Chart03/23/2016 (revised)
ProbateProbate Sales of Real Property03/14/2016 (revised)
ProbateThe Revocable Transfer on Death Deed and Statutory FAQs01/22/2016
Property TaxProposition 90 Watch08/16/2016 (revised)
Property TaxProperty Tax Assistance for Seniors09/02/2016 (revised)
Property TaxProperty Tax Exemptions from Reassessment12/11/2012 (revised)
Real Property & TitleCommunity Property with Right of Survivorship09/16/2016 (revised)
Real Property & TitleDivorce and the Transfer of Real Property09/19/2016
Real Property & TitleEasements02/14/2017
Real Property & TitleHomesteads01/23/2012 (revised)
Real Property & TitleLis Pendens01/18/2006 (revised)
Real Property & TitleMechanics' Liens12/21/2012 (revised)
Real Property & TitleRainwater Diversion, Collection and Damage During Escrow12/10/2015
Real Property & TitleTransferring Title To Real Property08/07/2014 (revised)
Real Property & TitleTrees02/15/2017
Referral Fees & RESPA IssuesReferral Fees09/19/2016 (revised)
Referral Fees & RESPA IssuesReferral Fee Chart01/26/2017 (revised)
Referral Fees & RESPA IssuesAdministrative Fees under RESPA and the Unfair Competition Law11/07/2012 (revised)
SubdivisionsHomeowners' Associations: A Guide for REALTORS ®04/14/2014 (revised)
SubdivisionsSubdivided Lands Law03/14/2016 (revised)
SubdivisionsSubdivision Advertising 02/23/2017 
SubdivisionsSubdivision Applicability Chart03/22/2017 (revised)
TaxAmerican Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 - The "Fiscal Cliff" Law02/10/2017 (revised)
TaxCalifornia Withholding Tax on the Sale of Real Property06/13/2017 (revised)
TaxCapital Gains Tax and Health Care Reform Tax Impact02/08/2013 (revised)
TaxFederal Withholding: The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)06/13/2017 (revised)
TaxFire Prevention Fee12/16/2015 (revised)
TaxHomebuyer Tax Credit Chart 201006/30/2016 (revised)
TaxHousing Stimulus Laws for 2009 03/23/2017 (revised) 
TaxInternal Revenue Code Section 1031: Tax Deferred Exchanges06/19/2015 (revised)
TaxIRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting for REALTORS®02/26/2016 (revised)
TaxNonresident Property Owner Withholding09/06/2016 (revised)
TaxProposition 90 Watch09/10/2013 (revised)
TaxProperty Tax Assistance for Seniors09/02/2016
TaxProperty Tax Exemptions from Reassessment12/11/2012 (revised)
TaxRecord Retention: How Long You Should Keep Documents09/01/2016 (revised)
TaxSeller Financing of Real Property: Minimum Interest Rates09/16/2016 (revised)
TaxTaxation of Foreclosures and Short Sales01/26/2016 (revised)

Although the articles contain very valuable information, they are not regularly updated and, thus, it is imperative that members verify the accuracy of the legal information by consulting an attorney on the C.A.R. Legal Hotline.

For any questions regarding this Web page, please contact Legal Editor, Neil D. Kalin, Esq. Please be sure to include your full name, office, and your member number in your e-mail.