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One of the challenges for us list-makers is that we often have to-dos that repeat every day or every other day or on some other consistent pattern. HabitList is a new app that lets you create recurring lists automatically. If, for example, you get that cross-fit workout done then you just swipe it off and it reappears the next day you want it to. Nice. »
C.A.R. President Kevin Brown writes in today's Wall Street Journal why housing needs government backing. »
California pending home sales increased more than usual and rose to the highest level in eight months.  Meanwhile, the share of short sales has fallen to levels last observed in 2008. »
hpi_mid-year-luncheon-2014C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer will address what’s next for the real estate market when he speaks at the 2014 Midyear Luncheon. »
C.A.R. sites not affected by Heartbleed, all user data is safe. »
hpi_March2014_ChangeInSalesCalifornia’s housing market ticked upward in March to reach the highest level in four months, but sales were still lower than a year ago as declining housing affordability continues to put downward pressure on the market. »
More than 8,100 calls were received and answered by C.A.R. attorneys in March. »
hpi_legday2014Gov. Jerry Brown will be speaking at this year’s Legislative Day, Wednesday, April 30, at the Sacramento Convention Center. »
C.A.R. is pleased, but not at all surprised, that dotloop today dismissed its own lawsuit against an unknown hacker.  »
hpi_adcampaignUsing the same creative as last year, C.A.R.’s campaign once again will focus on the positive impact that REALTORS® have on California’s economy. »

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