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EXPO 2014

While lots of product categories including phone/tech and auto have wireless power technologies, the kitchen remains fully tethered -- until now. The Wireless Power Consortium has turned out new standards for cordless power that brings larger, kitchen-sized appliances into the fold. This is good for design, appearances and even safety. »
C.A.R.’s Los Angeles and Sacramento offices will be closed on Friday, Aug. 22, so that the Association’s employees may participate in a professional development session.  »

- Two good omens for housing market
- U.S. home size levels off, for now at least
- Owning a home “very important” to nearly half of single buyers  »

Housing recovery pushes investors into more remote areas to find deals, with more looking to flip properties. »
California home sales posted higher for the second straight month, and the statewide median home price rose from both the previous month and year. »
hpi_alertC.A.R. is OPPOSING AB 2416 (Stone), a bill that creates a new kind of lien for wage claim disputes because it denies due process to the owner of the property, and unnecessarily clouds title. »
Second quarter housing affordability declines statewide and in 19 of 26 California counties. »
Equity home sales posted their highest level since the housing crisis began, reaching more than 90 percent of all home sales. »
hpi_healthcareState law compliance delayed and real estate sales agents' non-employee status confirmed. »
hpi_surveyReflecting the proliferating use of social media in today’s society, more home buyers are turning to social media in the home-buying process than ever. »
In an effort to make ethics violations and the disciplinary process more transparent, starting August 1, 2014, C.A.R. will publish the names and other information of members who are found in violation of the Code of Ethics. »
hpi_roadblockC.A.R.'s Finance Helpline is an invaluable opportunity and FREE MEMBER BENEFIT for C.A.R. members to prevent and settle financing difficulties quickly. »

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