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Our visions for space flight rarely include getting there via a giant balloon. That vision needs to change. World View carried a parafoil-- a large, wing-like parachute--up into suborbital space with the help of its enormous balloon. Once up in space the parafoil flies neatly back to ground. Eventually it will carry tourists excited to reach the skies. »
- Servicers completed mortgage solutions for 1.88 million homeowners in 2014
- Google prepares to launch mortgage comparison tool
- More than half of HELOCs scheduled to reset with higher payments are on underwater homes
hpi_mid-year-luncheon-2014C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer will address the pressing issues California’s affordability collapse has created in the housing market and what plausible solutions may exist at the 2015 Midyear Luncheon. »
Pending home sales rose from December’s extreme lows and posted month-to-month and year-to-year increases in January. »
hpi_chg-in-sales_jan2015California’s housing market started the new year still bearing the scars of 2014’s tight housing inventory and low housing affordability as statewide home sales fell from the previous month and year. »
hpi_intl_realestateDespite a slowing in the California housing market and appreciation of the U.S. dollar in 2014, international home-buying activity continued its momentum. »
California housing affordability inched up from third quarter but slipped from a year ago; 19 regions see improvement, with Santa Barbara, Contra Costa, Napa, and Los Angeles counties leading the way.  »
In an editorial to the Sacramento Bee, C.A.R. President Chris Kutzkey says that Washington needs to support homeownership. »


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