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New York has always had more pressure than the West Coast in terms of building tall and smart. That continues with the new micro-dwelling apartment building in the Kips Bay section of Manhattan. The building is called Carmel Place and consists of 66 prefab modules that are simply stacked in place. The building serves formerly homeless veterans and low-middle income New Yorkers. »
- Majority of buyers are aware of the significant role of credit when purchasing a home
- RealtyTrac lists top 10 buyer and seller markets
- Pending home sales hit highest point in nearly nine years
hpi_expo2015Join us in San Jose to celebrate 110 years of California real estate. Back by popular demand: Tech Tuesday. »
hpi_survey2California's housing market continued its upward trend with pending home sales registering their fifth straight annual gain -- the last three months being in the double-digits. »
hpi_homesales-42015California’s housing market accelerated in April as the spring home-buying season kicked off with both higher home sales and prices for the third straight month. »
Lower interest rates and stabilizing home prices over the past year combined to make it easier for more Californians to purchase a home in the first quarter of 2015 »
hpi_survey3With the depletion of available distressed homes on the market over the past two years, more investors are shifting to investing in multifamily properties and away from single-family homes. »
hpi_surveyC.A.R. lender performance survey finds improvement in REALTORS®’ satisfaction with lenders. Higher satisfaction likely attributed to better housing market than true improvement in processes.  »
hpi_adcampaign2015The commercials continue the “Ripple” theme, which illustrates the value REALTORS® provide not only to home buyers and sellers, but also the community at large. »
hpi_monitorminuteC.A.R.’s Thought Leadership program has partnered with a leading think tank, The Futures Company, to provide California REALTORS® with special access to a suite of invaluable data, research, reports, consumer trends, and economic insights. »


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