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- 18 Senators, mortgage bankers tell HUD: Time to lower FHA premiums
- Fed announces slow approach to interest rate increases in 2015
- When a mortgage hinges on home values
Baby boomers will continue to be a pillar of the housing market; previous homeowners twice as likely to buy again as non-owners. »
Statewide home sales remain subdued in November as year ends.  Low housing affordability and short home supply remain hurdles for home buyers.  »
hpi_3percentC.A.R. commends Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for expanding access to credit for well-qualified first-time buyers struggling to enter the housing market. »
C.A.R. addressing safety of members and creating solutions. »
Pending home sales in California picked up steam in October and rose for the second straight month. »
FHFA keeps the 2015 maximum conforming loan limits at $417,000 in most areas and a cap of $625,500 in high-cost areas.  Loan limits were increased in Monterey, Napa, San Diego, and Ventura counties. »
hpi_thesummitHUD Secretary Julián Castro stresses need for expanding credit and reforming housing finance system at C.A.R.’s inaugural Real Estate Summit. »
hpi_2015leadershipChris Kutzkey is President, Pat “Ziggy” Zicarelli is President-elect , Geoff McIntosh is Treasurer, and Joel Singer is Chief Executive Officer. »
hpi_appleNow is the time to enroll in the comprehensive health insurance program offered exclusively to C.A.R. members! »
Housing affordability in California holds steady in third quarter but improves in Bay Area. »
Contrary to popular belief, millennials still highly value homeownership, and a majority expect to buy a home in the next five years. »

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