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Fall RAF Meeting Notes

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2012 Fall RAF Committee Meeting Notes
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Grand Ballroom Salon G/H/J
Marriott Hotel, Anaheim

Call to Order:
Chair Emily Link called the meeting to order at 9:31a.m. Emily welcomed everyone to their third and final meeting and introduced her leadership team: She reviewed the RAF Goal and Objectives. The goal is to continue fighting for our profession by creating and sustaining a fundraising campaign that will focus on protecting our industry over the next several years. We have many challenges ahead! The RAF objective was to raise $1.75 million in RAF voluntary contributions and to have 20% RAF voluntary participation.

Fall RAF Statistics:
Doug Covill ,Vice Chair, reported that at this meeting, we collected $4,605 in RAF contributions. To date, we have collected $1,522,081 and we have 11% participation. Major Donor Update: The following numbers reflect the number of members that have participated at the listed levels:$49 Minimum Cost of Doing Business-15,964; $148-The True Cost of Doing Business-3,929; $449 California Silver Bear-80;$449-NAR Sterling "R's"/CA Golden R's 323; $1000-NAR Sterling R-34;NAR Golden R's-112; NAR Crystal R 1. Regions reached 100% of their C.A.R. Directors at $148 or above participation: Regions 1, 3,5,6,9,10,12, 13, 14, 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28, 29 and 30.

2012 Contest Winners:
Part 1. The winning Associations that had the highest RAF participation in their specific category are listed below and they will each receive $1000.
Petite Category (1-200): Ridgecrest Area $4,739
Small Category (201-500): Sutter Yuba $16,048
Medium 1 Category (501-1500): Bakersfield. $30,238.72
Medium II Category (1501-3000): San Mateo County $53,586.64
Large Category (3001-6000): Silicon Valley $101,612.28
Jumbo Category (6001+): Southland Regional $52,819.01
Part 2: The winning Associations that had the highest RAF contributions in their specific category are listed below and they each will receive a check in the amount of $1000.
Petite Category (1-200): Ridgecrest Area 90%
Small Category (201-500): San Luis Obispo 41%
Medium 1 Category (501-1500): Marin 42%
Medium II Category (1501-3000): California Desert 36%
Large Category (3001-6000): Silicon Valley AOR 26%
Jumbo Category (6001+) Southland Regional 7%

C.A.R. Updates:
CREPAC Chair, Carol Facciponti, requested a moment of silence in remembrance of David Howard. She further thanked committee for all their hard work in raising RAF funds.

IMPAC Chair, Les Fishman, reported that five local associations had made recent requests in order to fight local issues. Due to the available IMPAC funds, both Monterey and Los Angeles fought transfer tax issues and won! He further discussed the process for requesting IMPAC funds.

PAF Chair, Art Nellessen, discussed the importance of Legislative Day and incentives to get more members to attend, so they can learn the value of staying political connected and contributing to RAF. There were other suggestion made by committee members and DeAnn Kerr talked about offering Leg Day 101 to associations.

Member Mobilization Consultant, DeAnn Kerr discussed the member mobilization process, as well as, the key contact and member field program. She further reported that there were approximately 3350 brokers enrolled in C.A.R.'s Broker Involvement Program. Lastly. she encouraged everyone to visit the government affairs booth.

RPAC Updates: Sharon Bowler, RPAC Region 13 Trustee reported that C.A.R. had met its Fair Share goal for 2012 at $790,000 for 112%. She reminded everyone that the last round of $500 for President Circle is due. Judy Zeigler, RPAC Major Donor Council reported 2013 RPAC STATE AND LOCAL ASSOCIATION MAJOR DONOR RENEWAL: During the 2012 Mid-year meetings, the RPAC Trustees voted that beginning in 2013 and beyond, the lowered sustaining rates for Major Donors would be available for individuals only. Associations that are Major Donors will need to pay higher sustaining annual renewals in order to keep their status. The following are the levels: Levels: $5,000 Golden R investment (If a Golden R in the past, can sustain Golden R at $2,000 this year; next year will be $5,000 to sustain Golden R status); $2,500 Crystal R investment (If a Crystal R in the past, can sustain Crystal R at $1,500 this year; next year will be $2,500 to sustain Crystal R status); $1,000 Sterling R investment (Renewal for Sterling R formerly known as California Golden R’s will be $1,000 annually)

Recap NAR Major Donor Events: RAF Vice Chair Barry Zwalen reported on Contra Costa’s NAR RPAC Luncheon: Top producers were invited. The event yielded approximately $1500. He further reported on a local fundraising event (Lockbox Key Exchange) that helped increased the political awareness, as well as, RAF Funds. This event yielded approximately $5000 and an increased member participation.
RAF Vice Chair Doug Covill reported on Sacramento’s NAR RPAC Dinner where top producers were invited. The event yielded about $6600 and one NAR President Circle Member.
Gregory Pawlik commented that Beverly Hills also hosted an NAR Event in 2011 and raised approximately $10,000.
There was further discussion among the committee members on how to get local association leadership more involved. Vice Chair Doug Covill explained how Sacramento does it and severel members commented that good old fashion Peer pressure always works.

Administratie Updates: Lynn Movroydis, C.A.R. staff reported that she has worked with approximately 50 associations in an effort to create RAF Teams to help educate the membership at large, encourage political involvement and ultimately generate additional RAF funds. She reviewed the RAF Toolkit and shared how some of the tactics have worked.
Lisa Edwards, C.A.R. Staff, reported that starting in 2013 all RAF Fundraising payment plans has been changed from 12 months to 9 months. All payment plans must be completed by September 30, 2013. She further reported that starting in 2013 in order for local AORs to access their LCRC funds and be in compliance with the LCRC Cooperative Agreement the local AORs must have the voluntary RAF listed above the line in order to use their LCRC funds.

New Business: Announced the 2013 RAF Leadership:
Doug Covill, 2013 Chair
Sharon Bowler, 2013 Vice Chair
Betty Taisch, 2013 Vice Chair
Dennis Mason, 2013 Committee Liaison
Major Donor Reception: Thursday, October 4, 2012, Grand Ballroom Salon E, Anaheim Marriott Hotel, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Major Donor Reception materials were available for pick up from the RAF Booth in the Registration Area.

Adjournment:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.