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An explanation of C.A.R.'s position on MLS consolidations in general and a statewide MLS in particular.

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The most recent edition of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS®.

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The California Professional Standards Reference Manual, Local Association Forms, Interboard Arbitration Rules, and other materials related to Code of Ethics enforcement and arbitration.

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Following modest gains in home sales in 2016, California’s housing market will post a nominal increase in 2017.

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California Real Estate Magazine - Legal Column

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To keep its' members fully informed, California Real Estate magazine contains a monthly legal column discussing the latest cases and statutes impacting REALTORS® and property owners.  The column also contains an Ask An Attorney feature providing answers to commonly-asked legal questions and issues.



Starting Up Your Own Brokerage

A legal overview and resource guide


New Year, New Laws

What you need to know for 2017 and beyond


The 6 Mistakes You Don't Know You've Been Making
How to make your transactions smoother

Countdown to Closing
Understanding time frames in the RPA-CA

Low-Flow Toilets to Become Law
But it isn't a point-of-sale requirement

One to List, Two to Sell
A Guide to Working With Multiple Sellers

Are you Compliant? Understanding the California Online Privacy Act

Things You Should Know About Local Ordinance Point-of-Sale

Understanding the RPA-CA: The Loan and Inspection Contingencies

The Law of the Land in 2016


PACE Liens and Real Estate Transactions

October 2015
Social Media: Legal Issues To Watch For

September 2015 
Trials and Tree-bulations: Neighbor Disputes Over Trees
Ask an attorney: I own a tree that shades my neighbor's solar panels. He says that I'm violating the law. Don't I have the right to grow trees on my property?

August 2015
Say Goodbye to the Good Faith Estimate and the HUD-1
Ask an attorney: On the first page of the new Loan Estimate form, I see the word "escrow." But it appears to be referring to costs the buyer will pay after close. Why is the buyer paying for the escrow after closing?

June/July 2015
Entering Tenant-Occupied Property
Ask an attorney: Do I need the permission of the tenant to place a MLS authorized lock box on the property?

May 2015
The Importance of the Transfer Disclosure Statement

March/April 2015 
Handling Disclosures in a Common Interest Development

January/February 2015 
2015: It's The Law
New Laws for the New Year


November/December 2014 pdf
When Mediation Fails

October 2014
Avoiding Risky Business

September 2014   pdf
RPA Changes on the Horizon

August 2014 pdf 
Competitive Markets: Offers and Counteroffer Issues
Ask an attorney: How can agents warn buyers about the risks of limited or no-contingency offers?

June/July 2014 pdf 
Property Management Pitfalls
Ask an attorney: If an owner tells a property manager that she or he will not rent to a person with an animal under any circumstances, what should the property manager do?

May 2014 pdf
The Ins and Outs of Mediation
Ask an attorney: Buyer and seller dispute the release of a $3,000 deposite. Must they go to mediation? Seller refuses to move out after close of escrow. Is mediation required? The loan has funded, but seller refueses to close. the buyer seeks specific performance. Is a lis pendens permitted without first going to mediation?

March/April 2014 pdf |
The Cost of Contract Breach
Ask an attorney: Does the RPA-CA always make the buyer responsible for 3 percent of the purchase price in case of breach when the liquidated damages clause is initialed?

January/February 2014 pdf
New Laws to Watch in 2014


November/December 2013 pdf
Leap Over Repair Hurdles with Ease
Ask an attorney: What happens if a buyer and seller are in contract together and something falls into disrepair before close of escrow?

October 2013 pdf
Keep Calm & Write
Legal Advice for a Tight Market

September 2013 pdf
Marijuana Laws Affecting REALTORS
Ask an attorney: Can a landlord ban the smoking of medical marijuana in a residential property in California?

August 2013 pdf
Copyrighted for a Reason
C.A.R.'s Copyright Cops: C.A.R. policies the use of its forms to make sure they are only available to authorized users, regularly sending out letters to anyone who improperly reproduces, distributes or displays C.A.R. forms on the internet or elsewhere.

June/July 2013 pdf
Revised Listing Agreement. Business as Usual?
Ask an attorney: I am a listing agent. The seller and I entered into the newly revised standard form Residential Listing Agreement (Form RLA, revised 04/13). I had not procured a buyer yet, but the seller unilaterally cancelled the listing agreement for no reason and without warning. My listing period has not ended. Is my real estate broker entitled to commission?

May 2013 pdf
RPA Myths Debunked
Ask an attorney: I'm a buyer's agent. I do not need to worry about trust fund requirements as long as I have the buyer give me a deposit check made payable to an escrow or title company. Correct?

March/April 2013 pdf
The Giving Tree: It Gave $107,256 to Be Exact
Ask an attorney: Does a homeowner have the right to cut down overhanging branches or roots from a neighbor's tree?