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Meet the 2017 C.A.R. Leadership Team

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C.A.R. is a statewide trade association dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate.

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Looking for additional assistance? The Customer Contact Center is looking forward to serving you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.

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C.A.R.'s Media Center houses the Association's news releases, media guidelines, and logos.

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Partner With Us

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As a new member of C.A.R. you have questions about your benefits and discounts. Find the answers here.

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C.A.R.'s annual consumer advertising campaign creates awareness of the REALTOR® brand and demonstrates the many benefits of the consumer-REALTOR® relationship.

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As a member of C.A.R., you receive more than 100 free and discounted benefits. Find out more about your member benefits here.

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Programs and grants to provide direct assistance to address the housing crisis in California.

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C.A.R. stands ready to assist REALTORS® who have been impacted by these wildfires through its Disaster Relief Fund.

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Super REALTORS® protect our industry from bad legislation. Find out how you can too!

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Do you have an innovative idea(s) with regards to real estate? Submit your idea(s) for a chance to partner with C.A.R. and transform tomorrow's industry!

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Scholarships for California students planning to pursue a career in real estate.

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Grants for California REALTORS® pursuing advanced real estate designations.

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Find information and tools to help you connect with diverse groups and create business or leadership opportunities. 

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New to the industry? YPN is a network to sharpen your skills, heighten your leadership, and connect with fellow REALTORS®.

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2014 HAF Logo



Due to the generous support of our donors, we continue to develop programs that help working families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Learn more about benefits for our pin donors.









Leslie       Appleton-Young                
Jeff         Barnett                       
Kevin        Birmingham                    
Ann          Bracci                        
Toby         Bradley                       
Wes Burk
Virginia     Butler                        
Mary Jane    Cambria                       
Sereta       Churchill                     
Kevin        Cole                          
John         Cribb                         
Jason        Crouch                        
Carol        Facciponti                    
Don Faught                        
Terry Ann Ferguson                      
Wendy        Furth                         
Greg         Galli                         
Steve        Goddard                       
Tom          Hiller         
Kathleen     Hinman                        
Leannah      Hunt                          
Victor       Jin                           
Sandy        Kaplan                        
Christine    Kutzkey                       
Karl         Lee                           
Derek        Leistra                       
Carol        Luckenbach                    
Leslie       Manzone
Michele      Manzone                       
Geoff        McIntosh                      
Sandra       Miller                        
Timothy      Muetterties                   
Judith       Myers                         
Allen        Okamoto                       
Kathleen     Oliver
Frank        Oti                           
             Pasadena-Foothills AOR
Jeanne       Radsick                       
Terry        Ryan                          
Carl         San Miguel                    
Joel         Singer                        
Charlene     Singley                       
Betty        Taisch                        
David        Tanner                        
Myron        Von Raesfeld                  
Barry        Zwahlen                       



Judy         Covington                     
Mark         Edwards                       
Lorrie       French                        
Michael      Johnson                       
Kimberly     Murphy                        
Rita         Tayenaka                      
Michael      Tessaro                       
Quincy       Virgilio                      
Pat "Ziggy" Zicarelli                     



Katherine    Beacock                       
James        Britto                        
Mark         Bruno                         
Fred         Christiansen                  
Lois         Cox                           
Michael      DeLeon                        
Terry Ann Ferguson                      
Lisa         Fore
Mike         Fracisco                      
Renee        Garner                        
Ryan         Hass                          
Leannah      Hunt                          
Brandon      Joaquin                       
Paula        Johnsen                       
David        Kerr                          
Lee McLeod
Todd         Mendoza                       
Richard      Otterstrom                    
Pamela       Pedego                        
John         Prouty                        


Heidi        Abramson                      
Mario        Acevedo                       
Edward       Afsharian                     
Chip         Ahlswede                      
Nancie       Allen                         
Jonna        Aluisi                        
Anthony      Andaya                        
Judy         Anderson                      
Ed Anderson                      
Jeannie      Anderson                      
Judy         Anderson                      
Joe          Annunziato III                
Sheri        Anthes                        
Ryan         Asao                          
John         Asdourian                     
Greg         Astle                         
Darnella     Aulani Barnes
Jennifer     Avellan                       
Dennis       Badagliacco                   
Colleen      Badagliacco                   
Robert       Bailey                        
James        Baiseri                       
Michael Baldasarra
Carol        Banner                        
Patrick      Barber                        
Anna Bellomo                       
Malcolm      Bennett                       
Thomas       Berge                         
Michael      Blower                        
Vazrik       Bonyadi                       
Matthew      Borland                       
Becky        Bowles                        
Jennie       Bradley                       
Jennifer     Branchini                     
Emilie Broughton
Kevin        Brown                         
Ron          Brownell                      
Raylene      Brundage                      
Michael      Bui                           
Jack Burns
Mark         Burns                         
Kym          Campbell                      
Jeff         Campbell                      
Vicky        Campbell                      
Cynthia      Carley                        
Greg         Carlsted                      
Tim          Carrico                       
Nelson       Carrillo                      
Stacy        Carter                        
Michael      Carunchio                     
Patricio Castro
William      Chea                          
Brian Chen
Brian H-M    Chen           
Ling         Chow                          
Linda        Clinton                       
Charles      Coachman                      
Neil Collins
Paula        Colombo
Victoria     Copeland                      
Wayne        Cory                          
Gina         Covello                       
Douglas      Covill                        
Lisa         Crosby-Torres                 
Jacqueline   Crowley                       
Sheila       Cunha                         
Marilyn      Cunningham                    
William Curry                         
Catherine    Da Gama
Mike D'Ambrosio                    
Sandy        Darling                       
Barbara      Delgleize                     
Julie        Dempsey                       
Robin        Dickson                       
Tammy        Dillashaw                     
Don          Diltz                         
Linda        DiStefano                     
Elyse Dittrich
Will         Doerlich                      
Nancy        D'Onofrio                     
Carylon      Dopp                          
Janet        Dorsey                        
Nina Dosanjh
Jim          Douglas                       
John         Dowdell                       
Yvonne       Dowland                       
Barbara      DuDeck                        
Mary Jane    Dukellis                      
Lisa         Dunn                          
Christine    Dwiggins                      
Kim          Eichorn                       
Judy         Ellis                         
Joyce        Endo                          
Bruce        Engles                        
James        Ezell                         
Carol        Farrar                        
Gerri-Lynn   Fives                         
Danielle     Fontes                        
Wendy        Formica                       
Steven       Fraioli                       
Jim          Franklin                      
Daniel Fredericks
Matt         Fuller                        
Jill         Furtado                       
Eva Garcia
Frank        Garcia                        
Renee Garner
Ralph        Garrow Jr                     
Rick         Gaviati                       
Bradley      Gill                          
Cory         Gold                          
Sandi Gomes
Caleb        Gonzalez                      
Michael Gordon
Craig        Gorman                        
Diana        Gorsiski                      
Theresa      Grant                         
Greg         Haas                          
Rose         Hadaway                       
Wendy        Hale                          
Jean      Hall 
Sally        Han                           
Tina         Hand                          
Rachael      Hand                          
Stephen      Hanleigh                      
Mike         Hanley                        
Vernon       Hansen                        
Anne         Hansen                        
Arleen       Hardenstein                   
Bob          Hart                          
Tim          Hayden                        
Ruth         Hayles                        
Todd         Hays                          
Lynn         Heintz                        
Amy Hendrix
Marion       Henon                         
Kristy       Henry
Katheryn     Henry                         
Daniel       Hershkowitz                   
Patricia     Hicks                         
Julie        Hile                          
Melinda      Hoff                          
Lee'Dya      Houze                         
John         Hughes                        
Tia          Hunnicutt                     
Michele      Hunt                          
Elizabeth    Hurst                         
James        Hutson                        
Joan         Irish                         
Chris        Isaacson                      
Dorothy      Jackson                       
William      Jansen                        
Donald Jessup
Joan         Jolly                         
Rachel       Jones
Rick         Jones                         
Denise       Kees                          
Mike         Kelly                         
Steve        Kendall                       
Kris         Klair                         
Coy          Knapp                         
Krista Knight
Courtney Korb
Joyce        Kristensson                   
Robert       Kulick                        
Chuck        Lamb                          
Blaine       Lambertson                    
Carol        Lawhon                        
John         Lee                           
Robert       Leighton                      
Kari         Leon                          
Linda        Lesser                        
Emily        Link                          
Christopher  Little                        
Brenda       Lockhart                      
Ted          Loring                        
Shauna       Love                          
Barbara Lymberis
Nick         Lymberis                      
Barbara      Lymberis                      
Jeannie      MacDonald                     
Kristin      Machado                       
Debi         Mackey                        
Edwin        Maeda                         
Toni         Mallory                       
Vincent      Malta                         
Helen Marston
Mary Aileen  Matheis                       
Phillip May
Cheryl       McFall                        
Anne         McKereghan
Casey        McLoed                        
Pam          McWaid                        
George       Mees                          
Jolaine      Merrill                       
Brenda       Meyer                         
Eric         Meyers                        
Carolyn      Miller                        
Ron          Mintz                         
Sachiko      Mita Borman                   
Valerie Moon                          
Dennis      Morgan
De Wayne     Mortensen                     
Trisha       Motter                        
Marquise Murphy
Mary         Nessin
Lisa         Neugebauer                    
Scott        Newton                        
Tung         Nguyen                        
James        Nichols                       
Mary         Nissen                        
Marian       Norris                        
Val Ogletree                      
Carol        Olney                         
Theresa      Olson                         
R. Chris     Osteen                        
Kim          Ott                           
Becky        Otwell                        
Mike         Oyoque                        
Heather      Ozur                          
Eugene       Pak                           
Barbara J.   Palmer                        
Lauren       Parry                         
David        Parry                         
Ronald       Pascual                       
Stephen      Pearson                       
Tonya        Peddicord                     
Melanie      Pennino                       
Michael      Perciful                      
Mark         Peterson                      
Jeff Phillips                      
Marya        Pimentel                      
Cameron      Platt                         
Michael Plummer
Era          Polly                         
JoAnne Poole
Jean         Powers                        
Joseph       Prian                         
Gaye         Rainey                        
Dianne Richmond
Michael      Riley                         
Javier Rivera
Doreen       Roberts                       
Vince Rocha
Cheryl       Romig                         
Vernice      Ross                          
Mike       Rossiter                 
William      Ruh                           
Joyce        Ruschhaupt                    
Fred         Sabine                        
Doug Sager                         
Tracey Saizan
Karen        Sanchez                       
Richard      Sax                           
Phillip      Schaefer                      
Cathlyne     Scharetg                      
Adrienne     Schuele                       
Evelyn Schultz                       
Don          Scordino                      
Ken          Scott                         
Debi         Seitz                         
Shari Setser
Cory         Shepard                       
Michael      Sibilia                       
Wendy        Silver-Hale
Sherry PH    Sim                           
Diane        Smith                         
Stan         Smith                         
Rick Smith                         
Nicholas     Solis                         
Steven       Sorensen                      
Lupe         Soto                          
Theresa      Souers                        
Sherri       Souza                         
Jeff         Sposito                       
Jeremy       Stanfield                     
Reyne        Stapelmann                    
Dave         Stefanides                    
Steven       Streich                       
Erin         Stumpf       
Amy          Sung                          
Mary Sutton
Paula        Swayne                        
Scott Swendiman
Lehel        Szucs                         
Karen        Tabbah                        
Kenneth      Tablang                       
Sharon       Telles                        
Fiona        Theseira                      
Tricia       Thomas                        
James        Thor                          
Ann          Throckmorton                  
Cecily       Tippery                       
David        Tonna                         
John         Torres                        
Rick         Turley                        
Randy        Turnquist                     
Susan        Vaterlaus                     
Michael      Verdone                       
Cecil        Volsch                        
Judy         Von Arb                       
Alan         Wagner                        
Jana         Walchle                       
Patrick Wallace
David        Walsh                         
Sue          Walsh                         
Denise       Welsh                         
Bruce        Werking                       
Crystal      West                          
Carla        Weston                        
Serena       Whyte                         
Colleen      Wiginton                      
Bill         Wigley                        
Farrah       Wilder                        
Adam         Wilson                        
Melvin       Wilson                        
John Wong                          
Kelvin       Wong                          
Jeffery      Woo                           
Diana        Wood                          
Wayne        Woodyard                      
Therese      Wunderlich                    
Mary Kay Yamamoto                      
Carol        Yeater                        
Judy         Zeigler                       


Laurel       Abbott                        
Art          Addeman                       
Chris        Agnoli                        
Maria        Aguinigua
Andy         Alexander                     
Frank        Alvarez                       
Dianna       Alwerth                       
Chris        Anderson                      
Clark        Anderson                      
Roberta      Annett                        
Bob          Archuleta                     
Evelyn       Arnold                        
Ryan         Asao                          
Miguel       Avila                         
Jay          Avirom                        
Rebecca      Baker                         
Sandra       Balbini                       
Rob          Baldwin                       
Marnie       Balog                         
Alan         Barbic                        
Kathleen     Barnato                       
Thomas       Barnes                        
Josue        Barrios                       
Edward       Barrios                       
Phyllis      Bartosh                       
Lorie        Bartron                       
Robyn Basiago
Daniel       Bathurst                      
Donna        Bayet                         
Joy          Bean                          
Byron        Beaver                        
Craig        Beck                          
Jeff         Bell                          
Chris        Bellamy                       
Julie        Bencosme
Andy         Bencosme                      
Sam          Benson                        
Tom Berge, Jr                     
Eric         Berggren                      
Keith        Berry                         
Yin          Bihr                          
Larry        Black                         
Melissa Blackburn
Ira          Bland                         
Cindy        Blankenburg                   
Steve        Blanton                       
Michelle     Blue-Benedict                 
Roy          Blume                         
Paul Bodnar
Julie        Bonnet                        
Craig        Borner                        
Grace        Borzini                       
Ruth Ann     Bowe                          
Sharon       Bowler                        
Jennie       Bradley                       
Robin Bramson- Veil
Ryan Brewer
Hershel      Brewer                        
Larry        Briggs                        
Steve        Brown                         
Barry        Brown                         
Deborah      Brown                         
Ron          Brownell                      
Alec         Bruice                        
Raylene      Brundage                      
Temple       Buchanan                      
Kathryn      Burdett                       
Heather      Burke                         
Mark         Burns                         
Diane        Busch                         
Steve        Bussman                       
David        Cabot                         
Ellen Camacho
Janet        Caminite                      
John Canning
Staci        Caplan                        
Gina         Carling                       
Joyce        Carlisle                      
Stephen      Carlson                       
Dennis       Carlton                       
Phyllis      Carmichael                    
Maria        Castro                        
Javier       Cavazos                       
Brett Caviness
Randy        Chapman Jr.
Allen        Chiang                        
Vincent      Choi                          
Monica       Chudgar                       
Jason        Cierpiszewski                 
Lorraine     Clark                         
Idelle       Claypool                      
Matt         Clements                      
Barbara      Clemons                       
Joanne       Cohen                         
Shane        Collins                       
Roberta      Cook                          
Gail         Cooley                        
Nikki        Coppa                         
Bill         Cordero                       
Justin       Corrado                       
Rick         Cosenza                       
Paula        Cosenza                       
Stephen Countryman
Matthew      Cowie                         
Monique Cox
Geoffrey     Craighead                     
Lisa         Crosby-Torres                 
Frank        Crowley                       
Ryan Curtis
Christy      Curtis                        
Bob          Curtis                        
Richard      D Ascoli
Carolyn      DAgosta                       
Sharon       Dal Pozzo                     
Karen        Darga                         
Paul         Darga                         
David        Darga                         
Marion       Davenport                     
Glenn        Davis                         
Winnie       Davis                         
Bertrand De Gabriac
West         De Young                      
Phillip      Deutscher                     
Sally Dewan
Cindy        Diaz-Telly                    
Emily        DiSimone                      
Dave         Donnelly                      
Cay          Donohoe                       
Frank        Donohoe                       
Greg         Dorland                       
Gloria       Doze                          
Renier       Dresser                       
Robin        DuFault                       
Suzi Dunkel-Soto                   
Paula        Eagle                         
Jennifer     Easter
Gloria       Easter                        
Brooke Ebner
Mary Lu      Edick                         
Edward       Edick                         
Mary Elliott
Josh Ellis
Bruce        Ells                          
Bruce Emmens
David        Englin                        
Steve        Epstein                       
Amanda Etcheverry
Ali Evans
Vickie       Fageol                        
Farideh      Farinpour                     
Charles      Farish                        
Jeff         Farrell                       
Ray Fernandez
Daniel Ferrick
Ian          Filippini                     
Jack Fishenfeld
Bruce        Fisher                        
John         Fitzgerald                    
Beverly      Fitzgerald                    
Stephen      Flach                         
Melrose      Forde                         
Christine    Fortney                       
Kevin        Frampton                      
Jim          Franklin                      
Pat          Fredericks                    
Katherine    Frey                          
Samantha Friedman
John Frontera
Mary         Funk                          
David Fusco
Anthony      Gamber                        
Minerva      Garcia                        
James        Garcia                        
Jeanne       Garde                         
Margaret     Garemore                      
Isaac        Garrett                       
Donald       Gebhard                       
Jonathan Gilkeson
Michael      Godfrey                       
Katinka      Goertz                        
Gary         Goldberg                      
Jennifer     Goorchenko                    
Robert       Graf                          
Tonja        Graff                         
Kate         Graham                        
Anna         Grahn-Nilsson                 
Linda        Grande                        
Josie        Grant                         
Patricia     Griffin                       
John Gronewold
Wendy        Gronsky                       
Renee        Grubb                         
Luis         Guevara                       
Jesse        Gutierrez                     
Toni         Guy                           
Jim          Hamilton                      
Wade         Hansen                        
Mary         Harman                        
Jena Harris
Lesa Harris
Kathy        Hartman                       
Bob Hartman                       
Robin        Hartwick                      
Patti Hawker
Emmet        Hawkes                        
Dave Haws
David Hay
Tim          Hayden                        
Sarah        Heck                          
Robert       Heckes                        
Steven       Hennecke                      
Steven       Hermann                       
Ed           Herold                        
Skip Hinman
Rhonda       Holmen                        
Judy         Horn                          
Frank        Hotchkiss                     
Jan Hudson
Kathy        Hughes                        
Michael      Humphrey                      
Christopher Hunt
Donald       Hunt                          
Cecilia      Hunt                          
Elizabeth    Hurst                         
Paul         Hurst                         
Richard Hynds
James        Irving                        
Sue          Irwin                         
Jeffrey Jackson
Roger        Jacobson                      
Marie        Jebavy                        
Midge        Jimerson                      
Brianna Johnson
Dianne       Johnson                       
Daniel       Johnson                       
Timothy      Johnson                       
Chris        Jones                         
Marissa Joven
Dalal        Karama                        
Erika        Kauzlarich-Bird               
Sarah        Kelly                         
Jill         Kent                          
Aaron        Kerper                        
Sharon Kerrigan
Bakhsish     Khalsa                        
David        Kim                           
Shirley      Kimberlin                     
Danny        Kimble                        
Sandra       King                          
Laure        Kinney                        
Larry        Kleasner                      
Paul Knight
David        Knoeb                         
Nancy        Kogevinas                     
Linos        Kogevinas                     
Andriana     Kolendrianos                  
Barbara      Koutnik                       
Debbie       Krogman                       
Robert       Kulick                        
Kevin        Kwan                          
Karen        Lacks Ramstrum                
Robert       Lamborn                       
Marcos       Lazaro                        
Gregg        Leach                         
Debbie       Lee                           
Vivienne     Leebosh                       
Tangie       Leverett                      
Ronald       Lewis                         
Patience     Lewis                         
Lee Leland Lieberg                       
Patrick      Lieuw                         
Chuck        Linn                          
Lisa         Loiacono                      
Harrison     Long                          
Linda        Lorenzen-Hughes               
Gary         Ludwig                        
Morgan       Lukina
Diane        Lundberg                      
David        Lyng                          
James Maceo III
Stephen Macfarlane
Kristin      Machado                       
Ron          Madden                        
Alicia       Maizlish                      
Morton       Maizlish                      
Len          Malena                        
Ryan         Malmsten                      
Carolynn     Manna                         
Louis        Manzo                         
Susan        Manzo                         
Susan        Marshall                      
Anita        Martin                        
Elmer        Martinez                      
Jose         Martinez                      
Paula        Martinez                      
Deborah      Mason                         
Linda        Mason                         
Kathy Matlock
Barbara      McClelland                    
Brittney McCue
Maureen      McDermut                      
Maurie       McGuire                       
RoseMarie    McNair                        
Diana McNeill
Ruth         McNevin                       
Robert       McPhillips                    
Debbie       Merlo                         
Jane         Mermelstein                   
Jo Ann       Mermis                        
Brad         Merritt                       
Crysta       Metzger                       
Bruce Middleton
Joyce        Middleton 
Carol        Mineau                        
Angela       Moloney                       
Errol        Mooney                        
Lazaro       Morales                       
Mitchell     Morehart                      
Dennis Morgan                        
Debra Morgan                        
Judy Morris
Stuart       Morse                         
Ed           Morton                        
Mark         Moseley                       
Cathy        Moseley                       
Sharol       Mulder                        
Bridget      Murphy                        
Adriana      Nagel                         
Lori         Namazi                        
Michael Neville
Tammy        Newland-Shishido
Debbie       Newton                        
Stuart       Nichols                       
Everett Nichols
Candie       Noel                          
Chike        Nweke                         
Curtis       OBrien                        
Ernesto Ochoa
Dennis       O'Connor                      
Michael O'Flynn
Val Ogletree                      
Jeff         Oien                          
Eileen       Oldroyd                       
Robert       Oliver                        
Debbie       Olson                         
Catherine    O'Neill                       
Annette      Ordas                         
Natasha Organista
Marianne     Osberg                        
Dave Osman                         
Julie        Ouellette                     
Joseph       Pacilio                       
Robert       Pahlke                        
Janet Palacio
Chris        Palme                         
Joe          Parker                        
Michelle     Parker                        
Carolyn      Parks                         
Marie Sue    Parsons                       
Elberta      Pate                          
Susan        Pate                          
Kat Perello Hitchcock
Jon          Perkins                       
Suzanne      Perkins                       
Bill         Pertsulakes                   
Sherry       Picazo-Cowie                  
Jennifer Plana
Victor       Plana                         
Michael Plummer
Sue Podany
Jim          Pojda                         
Joann        Pomatto-Gomez                 
Roy          Prinz                         
Patricia     Radanovich-Sousa              
Jake         Ralston                       
Nestor       Ramirez                       
Sylvia       Ramos                         
Larry        Ramstrum                      
Laura        Raudenbush                    
Bill         Redmond                       
Jose         Reyes                         
Clifford     Rhea                          
Kyle Richardson
Tracy        Richardson                    
Mike         Richardson                    
Marilyn      Rickard                       
Robert Riskin
Danette      Roberts                       
Kellie       Roche-Clenet
Joe          Rodriguez                     
Ronald       Romanowich                    
Kalia        Rork                          
Ellie        Rosebush
Deniece      Ross-Francom                  
Patrice Rossi
Robert       Ruccione                      
Geoff Rue
William      Ruh                           
Mark Anthony Ruiz                          
Mireya       Ruiz                          
Joyce        Ruschhaupt                    
Leigh        Rutledge                      
Terrence     Ryken                         
Ericka       Saenz                         
Alexander    Salazar                       
Christine    Salvetti                      
Karen        Sanchez                       
Derek        Sandgren                      
Norma        Scantlin                      
Thomas       Schultheis                    
Lisa         Schulz                        
Patricia     Schwartzkopf                  
Mina         Semenza                       
Patrice Serrani
Holly Shackleford
Karah Shaw
Larissa Sherman
Grace        Shohet                        
Charlene     Siemon                        
Clay         Sigg                          
Jamie        Sim                           
Bob          Simon                         
Edna         Sizlo                         
Tamara Skov
Joanna Slott
Melbourne    Smith                         
Ed           Smith                         
Richard      Snyder                        
Randall      Solakian                      
Michelle     Solorio                       
Mike         Southwick                     
Frangina Spandau
Alyson       Spann                         
Karen        Spechler                      
Kathy        Spieler                       
Larry        Spiteri                       
Wes          St Clair                      
James        St. James                     
Darcy        Staberg                       
Jeremy       Stanfield                     
Mimi         Stephens                      
Joanne       Stevens                       
Joanne       Stoltz                        
Crystal Stoner
Paul         Suding                        
Gayle        Sutton                        
Kellie       Swayne                        
Charles Swegles
Becky        Swift                         
Stan         Tabler                        
Joanne       Tacconelli                    
Shelley      Tappin                        
Judy         Taylor                        
Josephine    Taylor                        
Jim Taylor                        
Steven Tetherow
Marie        Thomas                        
Jean         Tietgen                       
Susan        Tilling                       
Scott        Tobias                        
Kesha Toler
Maria Luisa  Torres                        
Tim          Townley                       
Randall      Traw                          
Karen        Trolan                        
Irene        Truong                        
Robert       Tuler                         
Carolyn      Uhl                           
Justin       Urban                         
Carrie       Uva                           
Verzhine     Uzunyan                       
Mike         Vachani                       
Anneline Van Dyke
Doug         Van Pelt                      
Rose         Van Schaik                    
Yolanda      Van Wingerden                 
Giuseppe     Veneziano                     
Rafael Vera
Michael      Verdone                       
Carlos Villarreal
Michael      Vincent                       
Erlinda      Vindler                       
Marla        Virgin                        
Joseph Visconti                      
Amy          Volmer                        
Pamela       Vose                          
Jill         Wade                          
Maureen      Warmerdam                     
Jean         Waterman                      
James        Webb                          
Gary Welterlen
David        Westall                       
Scott Westlotorn
Fred         Weston                        
Michele White
Scott        White                         
Scott        Williams                      
Brett        Williams                      
Kevin        Williamson                    
Scott Wilson
Adam         Wilson                        
Sharon       Wilson                        
Diane        Wilson                        
Kathleen     Winter                        
Pam          Winterbauer                   
Ronald       Wolfe                         
Heide        Wolf-Reid                     
Carolyn      Wood-Friedman
Wayne        Woodyard                      
Cynthia      Workman                       
Barbara Wouters
Teoman Yatman
Carol        Yeater                        
Suzanne      Yost                          
Cari Young
John         Young                         
Lidia        Yun                           
Lori Zahn
Marianne     Zanone Rush                   
David        Zigal