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A London man who lost his arm in a train accident is the first person to receive a bionic arm that connects his nerves and muscles to the amazing machinery. In addition to an amazing amount of new commands the arm and hand can perform, the bionic arm also comes with a laser light, a USB plug for his phone and even a small drone stored in his shoulder! »
- Pending Home Sales Soar
- For Many Poor Families, Housing Costs Are ‘Out of Reach’
- Homeownership Pays Off – Unless You're a Single Woman
EXPO runs Sept. 27-29 in Long Beach »
Gov. Brown’s proposal includes a “build by right” plan that would create a voluntary permit streamlining approval process for developers to use. »
Led by the Central Valley, California statewide pending home sales reversed a three-month decline and posted higher in April. »
hpi_supplycurveDemographic changes, under-building, and policy issues are some of the reasons housing is in short supply in California. »
hpi_ahds_2016C.A.R.’s Annual Historical Data Summary Report tracks trends in California's housing market from 1968 to present. »
California existing home sales fell from the previous year in April as tight housing inventory continues to impede the housing market. »
Higher wages and lower seasonal home prices combined to push California housing affordability higher in the first quarter of 2016. »
hpi_sac-capC.A.R.'s Board of Directors voted to support a $1.3 billion proposal by California Assembly members to create affordable housing programs. »


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