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When we travel to a cool city, we all want to take advantage of our time there in different ways. Some want to wander and some want to crush museum after museum. The new Make My Day app from Lonely Planet allows you to "plan" your day whether you’re going hardcore on the tourist track or more casually wandering the less beaten path. »
- How to read a potential homebuyer's mind
- Homeownership down below '90s levels
- For millennial home buyers, only Honolulu is pricier than Southern California
Double-digit gain in annual pending home sales suggests market will continue its upswing coming months, C.A.R. reports. »
C.A.R. lender performance survey finds improvement in REALTORS®’ satisfaction with lenders. Higher satisfaction likely attributed to better housing market than true improvement in processes.  »
Buoyed by stronger economy, California housing market accelerates in March as home sales and prices ratchet up. »
The commercials continue the “Ripple” theme, which illustrates the value REALTORS® provide not only to home buyers and sellers, but also the community at large. »
hpi_monitorminuteC.A.R.’s Thought Leadership program has partnered with a leading think tank, The Futures Company, to provide California REALTORS® with special access to a suite of invaluable data, research, reports, consumer trends, and economic insights. »
Report finds that California’s high housing costs make the state a less attractive place to call home and prevent the state’s economy from meeting its full potential. »
hpi_kutzkyIn an editorial to the Sacramento Bee, C.A.R. President Chris Kutzkey says that Washington needs to support homeownership. »


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