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Standard street lighting is being replaced in The Netherlands by light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings. It’s started with a 500-mile stretch of freeway that is the first step in a future of "Smart Roads." Looking forward to these coming to the freeways of California. »
hpi_March2014_ChangeInSalesCalifornia’s housing market ticked upward in March to reach the highest level in four months, but sales were still lower than a year ago as declining housing affordability continues to put downward pressure on the market. »
More than 8,100 calls were received and answered by C.A.R. attorneys in March. »
hpi_legday2014Gov. Jerry Brown will be speaking at this year’s Legislative Day, Wednesday, April 30, at the Sacramento Convention Center. »
C.A.R. is pleased, but not at all surprised, that dotloop today dismissed its own lawsuit against an unknown hacker.  »
hpi_adcampaignUsing the same creative as last year, C.A.R.’s campaign once again will focus on the positive impact that REALTORS® have on California’s economy. »
Viewing the country as a safe place to put their money, international home buyers preferred purchasing properties in the United States over other countries. »
hpi_pendingsales_feb2014Pending home sales posted stronger than average gains in February for the second straight month, thanks to seasonal factors, but remained below the level of  a year ago, despite slight improvements in the statewide housing demand. »
hpi_mid-year-luncheon-2014C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer will address what’s next for the real estate market when he speaks at the 2014 Midyear Luncheon. »

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